Living Philosophy of Potential

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Ultimately the living philosophy of potential is all about wisdom and love.  Coming from above – from essence, from intent – wisdom and love entering through us into the working of the living world.  Wisdom and love innerly organizing heart and mind such that our ways of living and working reflect the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness.  The truth of our individual uniqueness, and our shared purpose with regard to the ongoingness of life on and through the earth. All of which is enabled  and manifested in and through cultures that work for all children in the world…

The Living Philosophy of Potential… a Come from Above, Work Organized Philosophy

On Being Authentic… Becoming Intentional

Realizing Our Significance… Being a Vessel for Love Entering Life

The Work of Now… The Intentional Purposeful Work of Now

The Way of Life… Seeing and Understanding Life, the Way of Life

The Story of Now… The Here and Unfolding Now Story of Now

Becoming Authentic… Embracing the Truth of Our Living Human Spiritual Beingess

Coming from Potential… A Coming from Above Process 

Awakening Ourselves to Essential Truths and Systemic Purposes

Transcending Divisiveness… A Process of Moving Towards Wholeness