The Way of Life

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Seeing and Understanding Life… the Way of Life

Life maximizes possibilities… seeks to realize the potential of each and all.  Thus, the uniqueness inherently, intentionally present within each and all.

Life organizes itself wholistically… wholes within increasingly larger wholes.

Life works in systemic ways.  Thus, when you touch one element, you touch them all.

Potential is realized through life’s non-linear cyclical processes… at the heart of life’s potential realizing processes are reciprocally nourishing structures and structuring at the interfaces, e.g., reciprocally nourishing, rather than symbiotic, in that the bee pollinating the flower, not only nourishes both the processes of the bee and the flower; but also nourishes the living systems each are part of… the flower in turn nourishing the meadow, and the life within the meadow.

Life looks to love, the all-inclusive love of the Source, entering into its processes to create and sustain wholeness… wholeness essential to life’s ongoing upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing working presence on and through the earth.  Earth having been created for life to have a place to enter into the working of the unfolding creation.

We, as living human spiritual beings, join in this ongoing eternalizing work of life through the creation and sustaining of come from above virtue sourced value adding processes… through our living and working in come from above virtue sourced reciprocally nourishing value adding ways.  In this way, we ongoingly fulfill the intentionality behind our presence on this earth… our essential reason for being here.

All-Inclusive Intentional Purpose… our Work and Role

…the essence of the whole of life… its way of working… our – humankind’s – work and role within that…

Life organizes itself wholistically… 

Life creates systems to sustain the potential realizing capacity of its processes…

Life, through its processes, maximizes possibilities; and seeks to realize the potential of each and all.

We, like all of life’s members, are intended to join in the upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing process of life on this earth… the living earth.

Love, the name we give to that which creates wholeness, wholeness essential to life, the whole of life, its communities and its members.  The evolutionary pattern of life is one of increasing depth of, and more and more inclusive wholeness… increased depth and inclusiveness within the evolving wholes being that which the increasing complexity of systemic working requires.  Thus, at this time of an evolutionary shift, the calling for all-inclusive love entering through us into life’s processes… including that of our own communities. 

Seemingly unique to ourselves, as living human spiritual beings, is the work and role of our being vessels for the all-inclusive love of the Source, the Intentionality behind the whole of all, entering through us into the working of life.… and for us, like all of life’s creatures, to be vitalizing instruments for life… manifesting our uniqueness in reciprocally nourishing ways.  As such our development, our evolution towards increasing consciousness and conscientiousness, our being called to be authentic, to become an intentional people of earth, is the now process for our joining in the intended upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing of life on this earth… a call  to be both harmonious with and enabling of the intended unfolding of this time.

Perhaps a bit of a mystery, but, given our experience and understanding, a reality nonetheless, is that we would be intentionally woven into the web of life, not through instinctive urges, but rather through free will conscious choice… and thus would look to wisdom, the wisdom of intent, and therein the patterns of truth and the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth, to authentically say yes to this intent; and by so doing, manifest the potential inherently, intentionally present within us… as a people, as a community within the larger whole of life.

And so, that is my story, and I am sticking to it… a coalescing story of my prayerful questioning pursuits for essentially the whole of my life… Terry P. Anderson