The Story of Now

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The Story of Now… the Here and Unfolding Story of Now

We, who are seeking to come from potential, not problem… we, who are yessing the work of now… have a story to tell; but few listeners… and yet, we are not trying to convince, but rather enable free will conscious choice… an authentic “Yes” to the work of now. And so, this – the clarity of the here and unfolding story of now – has emerged… a story that begins with our seeing and understanding life – the way of life… the story of this time of realization…


Now is the time of potential… a time of realization…

+ A time of realizing the potential that the all-inclusive love of the Source entering through us into the processes of life, makes possible… 

+ A time for realizing the potential that the ongoing eternalizing of life work on this earth now calls for.

This time of realization requires our understanding of two distinctively different processes… one that is less familiar; the other being very familiar, commonly experienced, actively present within much of our doing – whether we are conscious of it or not.  The first one being that which emerges from above – from essence; the second being that which is sourced from below – coming not from essence, patterns of intent, but rather patterns of our own making. At the heart of the first one is a work organized, come from above, virtue sourced value adding process… a manifestation of intent, the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  The second one is a process of extraction, organized not so much by value adding work, patterns of intent; but rather by self-serving pursuits, willfully manipulating life and its processes to serve our desires, our needs, with little or no consciousness or conscientiousness of the larger whole of life… nor for its systemic ways of working.

Understanding the Process of Realization

Exploring the first process…the process of realization… that which the ongoing eternalizing of life work on this earth now requires…  The first process, should we choose to join, choose to commit ourselves to learn to swim in the living waters of truth, calls for the creation of work organized, come from above, virtue sourced value adding processes. Calls for ourselves coming together to develop the understanding required for creating virtue sourced value adding ways.  To develop our ableness to live and work in right and good ways… right for the one, good for the whole; right for life, good for the whole of humanity ways. Processes that are essential to cultures that work for all children in the world.  Cultures that work to realize the potential inherently, intentionally present within each and all.  Cultures that work in ways that both advance humanness and nourish life – the life processes of earth.  And by so doing, enable our joining in the ongoing eternalizing of life work on this earth… thus manifesting our purpose, our essential, intentional purpose for being here.

Reflecting further on the first process, we see a system of thought and values that works to sustain the intentionality of the virtue sourced value adding process.  

+ We see that which directs our processes and pursuits as being one Source, the truth of one Source of each and all… an intentionality, a willforce behind the whole of all. There being intended ways of working of life and love on this earth. 

+ We see our being vessels for the entry of the all-inclusive love of the Source being manifested through the compassion of equality. The compassion of equality being that which honors and recognizes the truth of each and all having potential, a gift, inherently, intentionally present within. The truth of a hierarchy of one… one Source, all else equal. 

+ And too, we see wisdom, the wisdom of intent, as that which leads our thinking and the pursuits of our reasoning… thus sustaining our presence on a path of right and good, good and right… a path of advancing humanness and reciprocally nourishing life.   

+ And finally, we see intentionality, our being authentically human, our becoming an intentional people of earth, as a source of hope.  Seeing that when our ways of living and working are reflections of the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth; there is hope… real hope for each and all.  

All of which is sustained by a system of particular patterns of thought and value.

Understanding the Process of Extraction

Returning to the more familiar, the second process… the process of extraction, of diminishing humanness, diminishing vitality of the life processes of earth…That which is anchored in existence, and sourced from below… sourced in our desires and self-serving pursuits.  Desires and pursuits which, upon introspection, often reflect the seeing of ourselves as the source… not as instruments of the Source, but rather as the source. The extraction process is not one that we need to innerly, reflectively process, nor seek to develop an understanding as to what is really at work here, nor consciously say yes to; not that, but rather one we merely need to accommodate… to acquiesce to, by adapting our ways to the established – “How we do things” – ways of doing. Seeking status in the culture that both sustains and reflects the extractive ways of living and working.

As we did in the first process, we can see in this process of extraction, a pattern of thought and values that sustains its direction and ways of doing.  We see the essentialness of greed – the accumulation of material and stuff beyond need or what wisdom would lift up and support… beyond that which can be reciprocally nourished with and by life.  And too we see power, the seeking of and pursuits of power, power over.  Power sourced in, nourished by false pride, pride which itself is often sourced in the illusion of our being the source, of our being independent… not needing others.  Our being separate from life… denying the truth of our intentionality, the truth of our being living human spiritual beings… of our being intentionally, irrevocably woven within the web of life.  Seeing greed and power being sustained by ignorance… the absence of awareness and understanding of intent… of the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  Sustained by our lacking the willfulness to seek, to see, to develop the understanding of intended ways, and our work and role within that. And finally, we see indifference… the necessity for sustaining indifference – our blindness to significance. In particular, our – humankind’s – significance with regard to the ongoing eternalizing of life work on and through the earth… but equally so with regard to those that we see as other, not brother or sister, of the one and the same Source.

Always Remembering Choice and Significance

And finally, as we dialogue and reflect upon these two processes – that which is seeking to unfold; that which is all too firmly in existence… that which we need to create; that which is sufficiently ingrained that it seemingly continues on its own – it is critical to remember, to remember and develop understanding of the truth that we have choice… real choice.  And too, we have significance… real significance as to the intended unfolding… significance as to the ongoingness, the eternalization of life work on and through the earth – that for which the earth was created -, and as to the intentionality, the joining in this work – the essential purpose for our presence on this earth.