Realizing our Significance

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Realizing Our Significance: Being a Vessel for Love Entering Life

Our significance, that which is intentionally inherently present within, lies at the essence of the essential why of our presence on this earth; is that which is intended to lead us.  Intended to lead our thinking, intended to organize our pursuits, and to be at the essence of our ways of living and working.

We, through the intentionality, the will force behind the whole of all, enter into the life processes of earth as living human spiritual beings. It is through our embracing, in heart and mind, the whole of the truth of our intentionality, that we can move towards the realization of our significance… our significance as a person, as a people of earth.  A come from above, from essence, process of making real – actively present within the intended ways of life on this earth – our significance: 

Being a vessel for love, all-inclusive love entering into the working of the world.

Our significance lies, not in that which comes from existence – the materials, the structures and status of the cultures of existence -, but rather through that which we create within ourselves and from ourselves, that which reflects the all-prevailing intentionality of the Source… that which is a manifestation of the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness.

Our significance, our being significant, is a process that is both initiated and sustained through the exercising of free will conscious conscientious choice… the nature of choosing that becomes possible through our ongoing effort to see and understand the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth. Not from declarations, nor externally imposed resolutions to complex issues; but rather through conscious understanding of intended ways, and conscientious – right and good – pursuits.  Ways requiring systemic processing… conscious and conscientious processes of realization that do not diminish the individuality of each; but rather make possible the realization of the intentional potential that lies within each and all.

Realizing, making real and actively present on this earth, our significance… when that is leading our thinking, all that is intended becomes possible.  We transcend the limitations of the existence based, problem solving perspectives – those which emerge from ourselves, not from intentionality, particularly those perspectives which emerge from our so-called human nature –; and we turn to potential realizing perspectives… perspectives that awaken and honor that which is inherently intentionally present.  That which enables and allows us to join in the unfolding creation, live out our significance, manifest our authenticity, and become an intentional people of earth.