Creating Culture

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Creating Community Cultures – Ways of Living and Working – that Work for All Children in the World

…a grassroots community process for those who are experiencing within, a questioning, a seeking for a more whole, more harmonious, more inclusive way of living and working… seeking a love entering, hate diminishing, wisdom led way.  A way of coming together as community, as a people of the one and the same Source, creating processes for realizing the potential inherently intentionally present within each and all… meeting the needs of existence, of daily life, in ways that lead to…

+ Our becoming authentically – fully and truly – human, and

+ Our nourishing the life processes of earth…

+ Creating cultures – ways of living and working – that work for all children in the world. 

The Way of Intent; the Intent of the Way

There is a Source… an intentionality, a will force behind the whole of all…

An intentionality out from which emerges life and love… life and love, intended ways of working on this earth.

Life enters the world through process… potential realizing capacity lies within process.

Within life, systems are created to sustain the potential realizing capacity of its processes. 

Potential becomes realizable when love is present in the process.

Within life, enfolded within each and all, is an essence pattern of intent; a potential to be realized.

We as living human spiritual beings, members in the larger community of life, are intended to be vessels for love entering through us into the life processes of earth… at this time, vessels for the entering of the all-inclusive love of the one Source.

Cultures, when they reflect the truth of our livingness, and our intent to realize the potential inherently present within our human spiritual beingness, take on the pattern and ways of working of living systems.  They are created to sustain the potential realizing capacity of our processes… realizing the potential inherently enfolded within ourselves, and  that which is present within each and all.  Cultures that work for all my children in the world are one such culture…

Cultures, when they work for all my children in the world, are the living systems we create to sustain the potential realizing capacity of our processes in ways that work to realize the potential enfolded within each and all, while harmonizing in reciprocally nourishing ways with the life systems and processes of earth.

When our cultures  are  intentionally working, we are  consciously seeking the understanding to develop and live from ethical – right for the one, good for the whole – ways… and conscientiously seeking  and developing ways that are manifestations of  the compassion of equality.

It is our efforts to harmonize with, in reciprocally nourishing ways,  particular life energy fields, that bring uniqueness to our cultures… bring uniqueness in ways that do not diminish, but rather bring essential wholeness to our pursuits.

Love, the love that makes all things possible, entering through us into the life processes of earth, is both a manifestation of our significance and a reflection of the essence – the essential why of our being created.

All of this is dependent upon willful yessing on our part… and ultimately will be determined by faith…  by what we put our faith in… by our putting our faith in intent… the intent originating from the Source.

The Culture Creating Work… Right for the Children, Good for the Whole

…a collection of writings emerging from the ongoing grassroots work in communities across the country. Work with the aim of creating community cultures that work for all children, all children in the world. This collection being critical to beginning such dialoguing processes in one’s home community… a part of a more whole, more complete thought base accessible on this website.

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