Creating Cultures

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Creating Community Cultures – Ways of Living and Working – that Work for All Children in the World

…a grassroots community process for those who are experiencing within, a questioning, a seeking for a more whole, more harmonious, more inclusive way of living and working… seeking a love entering, hate diminishing, wisdom led way.  A way of coming together as community, as a people of the one and the same Source, creating processes for realizing the potential inherently intentionally present within each and all… meeting the needs of existence, of daily life, in ways that lead to…

+ Our becoming authentically – fully and truly – human, and

+ Our nourishing the life processes of earth…

+ Creating cultures – ways of living and working – that work for all children in the world. 

Choosing a Life Philosophy that Works for All Children

There is a Source… an intentional, willful, creative force behind the whole of all… a Source that manifests, interacts through spirit –  spirit of love, spirit of truth, spirit of life.  We are not the source… not the source of love, truth or life.

We are all children, sisters and brothers, of the one and same Source…

Endowed with free will conscious choice, we are intentionally – not accidentally – entered into the life processes of earth as living human spiritual beings… beings who bring – having inherently present within – an essence virtue:  a gift, a potential to be realized through work, work we are called to pursue…

Intended to be vessels – conduits – for love entering into the processes of life…

Intended to be instruments for enabling the ongoingness, the upward enfolding, unfolding, process of eternalizing life on and through the earth.

Our instrumentality calls for the cracking of ego (letting go of our attachments to the structures and structuring of existence), by and through the necessary surrendering – the opening of ourselves within heart and mind, 

+ to the truth of the intuitive process of spirit entering, 

+ to the truth of the intended enfolding/unfolding potential present within life, within all its members.

+ to all-inclusive love entering through us into the working of the world.

Living and Working from Wisdom-Led Principles

+  No matter where we are in the structures of existence, we are – each and all – being called to bring our essence virtue into essential roles for taking up the called work, the intentional work of now: “Work for all my children in the world.”  Ongoingly seek to see our essence virtue and manifest it by and through taking up all pursuits in ways that work for all children… all children in the world.

+  We can’t solve our problems with the same heart and mind that created them.  Let go of starting from rules and judgment.

+  If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.  Start our processes with love and mercy.

+  If intentionality – the intent of the one Source of all – is not present, held within our perspective, where we start our thinking from; intentionality will not be present in the path we take… within our ways of living and working. Create an intentional presence.

+ Each and all members, systems and processes of life have essence virtue embedded within, potential enfolded, intended to be unfolded.  Seek to create communities that ongoingly support and enable the unfolding of embedded potential of each and all.

+  Intentional dialoguing is an intuitive wisdom-led “two or more gathering” process essential for seeing our essence virtue and manifesting that in the work for all children.  Realize the potential present within intuition, within women, within each and all: become community that works for all children in the world.

Welcome to the path of potential!