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Men and women have at their disposal an array of resources for generating greater knowledge of truth so that their lives may be ever more human. Among these is philosophy which is directly concerned with asking the question of life’s meaning and sketching an answer to it. Philosophy emerges, then, as one of the noblest of human tasks…

….With its enduring appeal to the search for truth, philosophy has the great responsibility of forming thought and culture, and now it must strive resolutely to recover its original vocation…

…Let philosophers and all teachers of philosophy always strive for truth, alert to the good which truth contains. Then they will be able to formulate the genuine ethics which humanity needs so urgently at this particular time.


At This Time of Potential

By Terry P. Anderson & Sandra Maslow Smith

First Printing 2009


PrefaceAt This Time of Potential

Introduction – Making Visible Intended Ways of Working

Completing the Desert Series

Synthesis for Wholeness

Unfolding Potential

Love in the Process

The Truth of Our Oneness, Working Towards Wholeness

The Going Forward Gospels

Sustaining a Reflective Process

Part 1 – Taking up the Path of Intentionality

Reflecting on Becoming Intentional

Shifting Our Perspective

Being Generated from Above

Going Your Way

A Seeing of Truth

Standing in the Stream of Becoming

Keeping the Commandments

Realizing Our Potential

Keeping Open the Pathway of Love

Christ’s Two Principles


Part 2 – Becoming Instruments for Love Entering

Reflecting on the Philosophical Teachings Embedded in the Temptation of Christ

Reflecting on the Working of Love

Surrendering to Instrumentality

Being Open to Instrumentality

Our Reason for Being

A True Instrument of Co-Creation

Open Our Hearts

Part 3 – Accessing Going Forward Wisdom

Going Forward Wisdom

“Our Father” at this Time of Potential

Through the Narrow Gate

The Way of Love and Peace

Judging and Pride

Forming the Soul of Humanity

Part 4 – America’s “Yes”

Life Itself Is…

At This Time… This Time of Potential

Working Philosophy


This Time of Potential… a Time of Great Faith

America’s Calling

“Work for All Children” Purposeful Sorting Out Sessions

“Work for All Children” Reflective Work Sessions

The Going Forward Path – Revitalizing America’s Philosophy

The Path of Love in Action

1 Fides et Ratio; on the Relationship between Faith and Reason. (Boston: Pauline Books & Media, 1998), 3, 6, and Cf. 106.