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Work for All Children Reflective Work Sessions

Choosing Intuitive Processing

Everything on this Work for All Children site is written from intuition, to intuition.  Not from expertise, not something prescribed or to be studied; but to be read aloud, reflected on, dialogued. Reflective dialoguing is an intuitive wisdom-led “two or more gathering” process essential for seeing essence virtues (including one’s own) and manifesting them in the work for all children. All the while, paying attention to what we are drawn to.  Once we have intuitively seen, in our heart of hearts, the need to move towards wholeness, away from that which divides, we experience the need for ongoing reflective dialogues… dialogues leading to practicality, the practical nature of action called for at this time. 

Working Philosophy of Reflective Work Sessions

Through love all things are possible, especially the particular… the particular to which we are each called, the particular to which we are all called, the particular for which we are supposed to stay awake – to be alert for – such that we do not miss our calling, but rather authentically respond in the manner intended.

Intentional Purpose of Reflective Work Sessions

The particular particular to which we are being called at this time is…

+ to move towards wholeness, away from that which divides…

+ and to do so in a way that works for all children, all children in the world…

+ such that we make a real advancement in our humanness – advancing to become a true human community, a living whole… as opposed to a loose collection of fragmented parts… an intentionally working community that nourishes and enriches life… the life of the whole, and the whole of life on this earth.

Work for All Children Processes

All work for all children processes share the common aim of moving towards wholeness – away from that which divides… wholeness for ourselves as a people of earth, a people who share a common Source. Moving towards wholeness is a reflective, intuitive process. As such we use these ethical principles to guide and enable our processing in reflective work sessions:

+ Seek to be reflective, and to support the process of reflecting.

+ Work towards building images – to “see,” and then understand.

+ Be receptive to heartfelt direction and roles.

+ Strive to be okay with living in the question – the experience of the process of enabling intended unfolding – versus satisfying the need for concrete/final answers.

+ Seek to “see” what love looks like if it is to be present, actively present, in our chosen direction and roles.