Creating a Hopeful Path of Truth

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The current culture, the reason led, problem solving ways of the artificial world of our making, is diminishing both our humanness, and the vitality of the life processes of the living earth. And so, as we might naturally consider working to fix what is wrong, and or create what is needed, it is essential for all of life, ourselves included, that we hold in mind the question,

“Given what we are considering, what we are about to do, will it advance humanness, and nourish life – the whole of life… or not?”

If not, know we are not on the hopeful path of truth… perhaps reducing the rate of diminishment, but not an upward path of elevating, advancing humanness, nourishing life. And so, as we reflectively process our choice, we may increasingly find that what is now called for is not so much fixing what is wrong, solving a problem, as it is creating what is needed… an act of creation that demands a new level of consciousness and conscientiousness not commonly present in our pursuits. An act of creation that is led by wisdom, come from above intentional wisdom, essential truths of now. An intentionally led act of creation – the revolutionary work of now. 

And finally, as we seek to wisely choose the hopeful path of truth, a path that is both lit and created by the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth; let us consciously and conscientiously hold in heart and mind that which is the greatest truth of now:

If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcomes. 

Love being the name we give to that which creates and sustains wholeness… wholeness within ourselves, within the whole of life.          

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