The Now Need for Intuition

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Hi Sandra, 

Rereading Intuition Speaking, “Now is the Time!” after our having replaced the word, women, with intuition, brought to mind how we are moving towards essence, towards the central organizing heart of intentionality, more completely in all that emerges. This title shift illustrates such. The call begins with the women… more intentionally to intuition, a human capacity, more likely active in women than men… 

At essence of the need for intuition is the ableness to image and see process. 

Life enters the world through process. Systems are created to sustain the potential realizing capacity of the particular processes. Be they biological systems or cultures, their work is to sustain the potential realizing power of particular processes, essential to the ongoingness, evolving, eternalizing of life on and through the earth. The understanding of which is essential for creating cultures that work to sustain the realizing of the potential inherently, intentionally present within each and all. 

Which brings us back to intuition, the intuition of wholeness – that which enables our engaging in the process of accessing, seeing and understanding intent, the particular manifestations of the intentionality behind the whole of all called for at this time. Critical to the joining in the unfolding process is the openness to the inherent dynamic of life itself – its going forward, not static, nonreversible, developing character… thus requiring seeing and understanding, more so than knowing and remembering – a manifestation of trusting the process, while maintaining conscious, conscientious attention to the unfolding understanding two or more intuitive processing makes possible. A cyclical, yet upward evolving process… as is true for life. 

And finally, whereas we see a mimicking of these patterns in the artificial, nonintentional world of our making, we can intuitively see and experience the lack of all-inclusive love of the Source in the path/process of our making; and the entropic consequences to life and our humanness that naturally, ultimately, lie within and along such a path.

All for now, Terry

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