Reflecting on Images Present within a Recent Dialogue

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My early morning quiet time led to reflecting on the flow of images present within a recent dialogue… and during my reflective processing, deepening that seeing… 

+ In the Garden were trees of Wisdom and Life… wisdom leading our thinking and nourishing life being our intended work.  When we left the Garden, we turned our backs on the original and forever intent; replacing wisdom with reason and replacing life nourishing work with life ownership, life possessing aims.  

–  Owning life being manifested by our reason led culture today, organizing our thinking with economics, legality and rights.  

–  Coming from above, in the way of Christ, begins with organizing our thinking with potential, ethicality and dignity: Potential – the intentionality embedded in life by the one Source of each, all and everything. Ethicality – right and good ethical working… right for the one, good for the whole, right for the whole, good for the one. Dignity – authentic living human spiritual beingness. 

+ At the heart of the abortion issue is our interference with the intended way of working of the life and love emanating from the one Source, Creator, Father of the all. 

–  LOVE  Our reason led existence based culture views children as a problem to be solved. Through come from above wisdom entering, we see each and all, have an essence virtue (potential) embedded within – intended to be unfolded on this earth at this time. Come from above wisdom reveals the truth of the intended ways of working of life and of love. Without come from above wisdom leading our hearts and minds, we solve problems without love in our process. When love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome. 

–  LIFE  Children are members of life. Our culture views life, the living earth and all its members, as possessions… that which we have the right and power to subdue and extract from to serve our own wishes and desires. Earth was not created for humankind. Humankind was created for earth, as an intended vessel for love entering, nourishing life. 

–  Holding these truths in mind, we can see that now needed are cultures that work for all children in the world, cultures that nourish life, the whole of life, including human life. Not fixing the come from below culture that is, but creating come from above wisdom led life nourishing cultures.

+ Christ was/is a come from above work organized process.  We, humankind, are intended to become and be a come from above work organized process. Christ embedded within humankind the essence of the originally intended human:  Through the whole of his public life, from age 12 through his fulfilled return to the Father, he actualized the process pattern of authentic living human spiritual beingness, ongoingly yessing the Father’s everlasting life on this earth command… made increasingly visible by and through his teaching of that which the process-blind reasoning mind could not/cannot see. He actualized an eternal process and teaching… one that is forever a stumbling block to the reasoning mind, while being forever accessible by and through the intuitive heart/mind of essence, to “see” the here and unfolding now (philosophical) relevance of his teaching and process… such that we are able to realize the potential Christ actualized. That which enables our accessing come from above wisdom to guide our fulfilling the Father’s original intent… in the here and unfolding now. 

+ About the here and unfolding now work to which we are being called:

–  Becoming intentional…  Yessing the Father’s everlasting life command:  Everlasting life – the Father’s will – be done on this earth.

–  Being authentically human…  In the way of Christ, with all-inclusive love in the process, become authentic living human spiritual beings ongoingly yessing the Father’s command.

–  Coming from above… Accessing the truth of the Spirit… opening our hearts and minds to the here and unfolding now relevant truths… the come from above wisdom that we, humankind, now need to see, understand and take up as our intended work.

–  Enabling potential manifesting and realizing of each and all… In community, ongoingly enable the manifesting of the potential – the essence pattern of intent – embedded within each, all and everything… creating wholeness within humanity, within the whole of life.

+ Before Christ:  Many are called, and few are chosen. After Christ:  All are called, and each must choose – consciously conscientiously choose.

+ We sustain our community focus by joining, yessing humankind’s intended work of now: creating cultures that work for all children in the world and nourish the life processes of earth.

Stop fixing what is wrong; now is the time to create what is needed.Never be ignorant of how our reason led culture works; never be seduced into believing that the come from below culture can be fixed or solved. Now needed is to create wisdom led come from above cultures.

+ Look to the beatitudic cycle for the process we will be walking forth as we become community creating and living in come from above ways while dwelling in a come from below culture.