Coming from Above… Beginning with Love

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Coming from Above… Beginning with Love

Dear DR, 

The opening of your recent letter has continued to stick in the back of my mind…

“The Four Thou Shall Loves” encapsulates it all in a nutshell. When I see what is going on in the world today and believe that little of what is being done to change things begins with love, I think that at some point God will just take away our free will!!!  If we can’t begin with love, He can. He’ll make changes that are right and good. Maybe that is when Jesus’ second coming will happen!!

…the questioning within it being ongoingly present, not allowing me to step away. Wondering if there is something seeking to be seen and understood in the here and unfolding now – a critical understanding for the living earth and all the children.  Several images have emerged; perhaps not a complete coalescence; yet, my sense is, now is the time to share what has come…

What first came to mind was Christ’s question, which I recall as, When the son of man returns, will he find one person of/with faith on this earth?Leading to remembering that every miracle of Christ called for faith, will and love.  Faith, faith in intent, come from above faith.  Sometimes in the person; often in the family or community. No faith; no miracle. And called for wanting, having the will, to be made whole, truly wanting this change in their life/lives.  Remembering Christ would always ask, Do you want to be made whole? And with the presence of faith and will, Christ had the ableness to be a vessel for come from above all-inclusive love entering life… and life was made whole. Making real his words, Where two or more are gathered in my name, so there am I in the midst of them…gathering in the name of all-inclusive love entering life.

Christ actualized the authentic – full whole complete – pattern of the intended process of humankind:  authentic living human spiritual beingness ongoingly yessing the Father’s everlasting life on this earth intent/command. And whenever, if ever, we embrace, walk the path of, live this process, a process calling for our loving one another as he loved/loves us… we are realizing the process, the potential, Christ actualized. Christ has returned.  One who realizes the process pattern and teaching Christ actualized being a person or community with faith, faith in the process of the Son; faith in the Spirit of truth providing us with seeing here and unfolding now relevant wisdom, faith in the Father’s emanation of life and love into the earth.  One person with faith who wants to join Christ in making life whole.  Not to expect the Father will rescue us and take over our work of eternalizing living earth.  The Father saved us when he sent Jesus who, when he perfected the work the Father gave to him that he should do, put everything in its place for our taking up the work for which we were sent. We were told quite clearly that there will be no other savior. 

We, each and all, have been given work, role and process – intentional purpose. That uniquely for which we were sent… our unique vesselness for love entering life.  Without humankind embracing/yessing our intended vessselness for love entering life; potential, intended potential is unrealized… and the wholeness essential to life’s ongoing unfolding ceases to be created and sustained.  Earth was not created for us. We were created for earth, for the everlastingness of living earth.  Life and love being that which is breathed out of the Source… and intended to return for the in-breath of the Source. Amazing and beautiful.  The Creator breathes out life and love; we, humankind, are intended to be vessels for the love (emanating from the Source) entering the life. Making possible the Creator breathing in love and life.  The Creator “bet the farm” on creating us with choice. We, humankind, can develop the ableness to exercise free will conscious conscientious choice.  Will we to answer “Yes” to the Father’s command, or “No”… and consume all earth’s resources, including all the children, to serve ourselves, our wishes and desires? The Father gave us choice; then we answered “No”, choosing reason over wisdom and extracting from life over nourishing life.  God then sent Christ to show us the way… the way, the path of consciously conscientiously choosing the Father’s intent and intended ways of working of life and love. We, humankind, have yet to answer yes to realizing the potential Christ actualized… yes to developing the discipline to go into community of two or more and walk the beatitudicpath of Christ… the path of vesselness for love entering life, the path of joining the Father’s work of making life whole, yessing the Father’s everlasting life on this earth command. Everything is in its place; our choice.

All for now, Sandra

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