Transcending the Ruler of this World

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“…knowing that… from God he came out and to God departs…” (JN13:3)

How are these words relevant to us in the here and unfolding now?  From God, we came… the Spirit entered, embedding each and all of us with our unique essence pattern of intent, that for which we were sent, our intended essence process, virtue, gift… that which we are intended to manifest through work, such that it may be realized – made real – on this earth.  We are intended to carry out our work through our “final hour”… an hour Christ prayed would not come… the hour in which pressure, pain, suffering, shunning are expected to be imposed by the culture in which we live – the ruler of this world – for continuing our intended work, fear causing us to wish to bolt from fulfilling, from perfecting the work we were given, the work we are intended to do, such that its value might be realized by the living earth and all earth’s members, including humankind.

By and through the Spirit ongoingly entering life, we – each and all – are embedded with an essence pattern, the work for which we were sent, the virtue we are to manifest and embed – within the earth, within life – through work. Our particular unique work, in harmony with the work of the whole of humankind given us at this time of now: create cultures that work for all my children in the world.  Cultures that transcend the “ruler of this world” – transcend reason led, existence based, human centered cultures – cultures that serve, not the Creator, the Source, the Father of the all; but greed and power by and through sustaining ignorance and indifference within us.  For creating work for all children cultures, we – humankind – are in need of an exemplar… the work that Christ was given… 

With all-inclusive love in the process, to make real and visible, to actualize, the full and complete intended way of living human spiritual beingness ongoingly yessing the Father’s come from above eternalizing life on this earth intent.  

Jesus provided this example to follow – the process pattern of perfecting and completing the work he was given that he should do.  And, for that which the reasoning mind could not see (the reasoning mind must see to believe), he shared teachings.   His teachings and his process pattern having been given in a way that makes them always and forever accessible and understandable, to the intuitive mind of essence… the heart-mind that believes in order to “see”… has faith in intent.

Yes, we must develop the intuitive mind of essence and wholeness such that we can see and understand the things the Father has given/gives us through the Spirit of Truth… such that we are able to authentically say, as did Christ, “I come from above, not from below”; and at the end of our lives be able to pray, as he prayed, “Father, I glorified You by perfecting the work that You gave to me that I should do.” 

The ruler of the world – our embedded manmade culture – will be no longer, when we create, live and work in, a culture that works for all children in the world.  Always remembering, what works for all children works for the everlastingness of living earth and what works for the everlasting life of earth works for all children. 

See a reflection on this writing, “Real Hope”, by Terry P. Anderson

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