Being Work Organized

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Seeing the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of Christ’s teaching and process awakens us to the truth of his being a come from above work organized process.  We, humankind, are intended to follow the way of Christ, to be and become work organized – come from above work organized…

Seeing the power of being work organized with regard to cementing in the intended come from above, think the things of the Father process. 

Seeing the Father’s everlasting life command as eternal life in the context of work on this earth in the here and unfolding now. 

Seeing Christ’s clarity about work, his work, being fed by work, glorifying the Father by perfecting the work he was given that he should do.  Seeing we are intended to glorify the Father by perfecting the come from above work we have been given that we should do.

Then seeing, seeking to see, the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth, the life and love emanating from the one Source of each, all and everything… thus, demystifying that which we are intended to enable and honor. 

Ultimately, awakening us to the undeniable reality, the truth of what is active, what is intended to be active…

Seeing the truth of all, the understandability of such, and ultimately, it’s all about will… our will with regard to saying yes to Thy Will… manifesting free will conscious conscientious choice. 

Seeing work organized, intended ways of working, what is at work, and the intended ways of working of life and love… not from and through argument; but from intuitive processing, an awakening of heart and mind to the truths of now. All that is now needed is present, intuitively seeable, reflectively understandable, willfully embraceable. 

The going forth command of Christ, specifically seen in the stoning process (the woman about to be stoned), in his summary, and his command to the woman: Where are your accusers – those who are coming from below? As for you, Go and sin no more – go forth coming from above… into the unfolding potential of now. 

And then seeing take up the work: sins have been forgiven, salvation has been completed, death – the culture of death – has been transcended… now take up the work… the intended work, your work, our – humankind’s – work.  Now is the time to be authentic, to become intentional – to realize original potential, inherently, irrevocably present since the unfolding beginning… be authentic vessels for love entering life; become intentional through spirit manifesting work.  All that is needed is fully present, accessible, willfully able to be lived out, lived from. Hear the voice of the children; experience the inner stirring – the Spirit is moving, we know not where, but no doubt we can/are experiencing such. Rejoice and be glad, there is hope… infinite hope, hope for each and all of the children, intended love-carried hope. Just a “Yes,” an authentic “Yes” away…