Spirit… on Our Being Spiritual

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Whereas it is love, the all-inclusive love of the Source, that creates and sustains wholeness, essential wholeness to ourselves, to the whole of life; it is Spirit, a particular manifestation of the will force behind the whole of all, that creates oneness.  Oneness with the Source… a manifestation of the truth of our oneness as a people, a people of earth… our oneness with the whole of life.  The oneness inherently, intentionally present within there being one Source of each, all and everything.

It is Spirit that embeds an essence pattern of intent in each and all.  And Spirit that we, often as two or more dialoguing, reflectively turn to, as we seek understanding as to intent, intended ways of working of love and life in the here and unfolding now… not so much seeking answers, in particular predetermined answers; but rather, seeking understanding of intentionality, the intentionality behind the whole of all.  Developing our understanding such that we can engage the here and unfolding now issues in the context of intent and the dynamic realities of life.

Life is a dynamic, upward unfolding process, wholistic in its way of organizing, systemic in its way of working… thus holds within it, a pattern of “If you touch one element, you touch them all.”  A not unfamiliar pattern with regard to mothering and the children.  Thus not readily lending itself to predetermined answers.  And so, given life’s way, and the reality that all issues ultimately connect to and influence life, what is really called for, is wholistic seeing and understanding.  For this we look to intuition, the intuition of wholeness.  The accessing and developing of the intuition of wholeness… developing the come from above intuitive mind of intent.  The intuitive mind of intent, which holds within, a pattern not of ‘seeing is believing’; but rather one of ‘believing is seeing’… believing being necessary before one can see.  A pattern not unlike that which Christ lifts up in his interaction with Nicodemus (JN3)… a pattern of intentional belief… one that develops eyes that can see, ears that can hear.  And thus, a receptive ableness, and a receptive orientation to the Spirit of Truth.  An experiencing of the fulfilling of the promise of Christ to send the Helper Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  And now, with intentional orientation, intuitive seeing and hearing, we can gain access to the seeing and understanding of truths essential to the here and unfolding now… a depth of understanding that enables an authentic “Yes” to the work of now… yes to creating cultures that work for all children in the world.

And too, with ongoing established come from above intuitive processing, and through our accessing of the wisdom of intent, we can bring into being a come from above, work organized, living philosophy of intent. One that is ongoingly developable; sourced in come from above wisdom, in ways that enable a pattern of enfolding and unfolding in ever deepening, more whole, more complete seeing and understanding of intentional wisdom.  Following the pattern of truth and love… ways of being both in harmony with and enabling of the eternalizing of life on and through this earth work of the Father. Philosophy, a come from above living philosophy, creating within, the inner organizing of heart and mind, and the disciplined approach, that the here and unfolding now work requires. 

Work that calls for our being fully and truly human… being authentic in the manner of Christ.  Realizing the potential Christ makes possible through completing his work on this earth.  Being authentic in the embracing of the whole of the truth of our having been created as living human spiritual beings…

Living… Perhaps the most obvious, most visible, least deniable reality of ours.  Yet not commonly recognized, nor lived out, in terms of the truth that we are irrevocably, intentionally, woven within the web of life.   And thus, our vitality and our ongoing viability are inseparable from the ongoing vitality and viability of life on this earth… the life processes and systems of this earth.  Or, said another way: That which truly works for all children in the world, works for the whole of life as well.

Human… Seemingly unique among life’s creatures is our intended vesselness for love… for the all-inclusive love of the Source entering through us into the working of the world.  A truth made visible to us through the four Thou Shall Loves lifted up by Christ.  The living out of such lifts up another essential human characteristic – that of free will conscious conscientious choice… an inherently, intentionally present capacity, the exercising of which, requiring particular work on our part. Both in terms of seeing and understanding, and of willfulness. An inherent, intended, ableness that reflects the truth of ultimately there are two paths… a path of love… a path of fear.  And the reality of choice… the necessity of our choosing… we/you have to choose.  Reflecting on our current culture quickly illuminates both the presence of and the path of fear… the absence of love.  We can see the inevitable greed-organized pursuits of power, political power, versus love, the all-inclusive love of the Source.  Remembering that if love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcomes.

Spiritual Beingness… made real and present through the regeneration of the intuitive, intentional connectivity, the ongoing receptivity and seeking of the wisdom of intent… an ongoing openness and orientation to the Spirit of Truth.  Accessing and developing our understanding in the context of the here and unfolding now – in particular, the issues facing humankind and life on this earth. Understanding essential to our being intentionally responsible… essential to our living and working in good and right ethical ways.  An understanding essential to the nature of consciously, conscientiously choosing our being authentically human requires… and processes essential to our becoming an intentional people of earth.  Processes that reflect our living of and from the Spirit… our coming from above, as opposed to coming from below… from essence patterns of intent, as opposed to the desires and pursuits of existence.

Embracing the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness, we are able to live in and from the Spirit… the Spirit of Truth.  And be and become authentic in the pattern, the way of Christ.  And thus, move towards becoming intentional, an intentional people of earth.  And by so doing, realize the potential inherently intentionally present within, the yet to be realized potential that Christ, through completing his work on this earth, makes possible.  A manifestation of our intentional purpose… the essential why of our being here, on this earth, at this time.  Fulfilling and living out our intentional purpose such that we can, in the pattern of Christ say:

“We are: living human spiritual beings.” 

We, in that community is the smallest whole at this time… a statement of our intentional purpose in the pattern of Christ’s intentional purpose:

“I am: the way and the truth and the life.”

And now we, with faith in intent, the all-inclusive love of the Source entering through us into the working of the world, and the Spirit of Truth lighting our way, can be authentic and become intentional through spirit manifesting work.  Joining in the eternalizing of life work of the Father through the creation of virtue sourced essence based ethically – good and right – working value adding processes.  Processes that are organized by and seek to realize the potential of each and all. Realize the potential present within the essence pattern of intent embedded within each and all through the work of the Spirit. A realization that becomes possible through spirit manifesting work. Spirit manifesting work… inseparably weaving ourselves into the upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Father.  Virtue sourced essence based ethically – good and right – working value adding processes being not only essential to the ongoingness of life, but essential to, at the heart of cultures that work for all children in the world. A reflection and intentional manifestation of the truth of our being created as living human spiritual beings.

And whereas this pattern and process is clearly aimed at the here and unfolding now… the reconciling of significant issues in the here and unfolding now… there is an emerging sense that as and when we live and work in truly authentic, intentional ways… the hereafter is also being satisfied.

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