Creating a Come from Above Culture

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Father, has come the hour.  Glorify the Son of You, that also the Son of you may glorify You.(JN17:1)

Being created living human spiritual beings, we are intended to pursue the Father’s work of now, and each and all to take up, to “Yes”, our particular role and work within that.  At this time, the called work of humankind is “Work for all my children in the world”… to take on, to overcome “the ruler of the world,” overcome our current culture’s making choices for us. Making possible our choosing, exercising free will conscious conscientious choice, to work for all children in the world… a choosing, a choice… an ongoing choosing to work for all children in the world being a come from above culture creating process.  For today’s cultures serve self, the ego self; they create and sustain artificial hierarchies.  There is only one hierarchy – the Source/Father/Creator – and all else… each of the all being equal in essence, in calling; each with particular roles we are given that we should do.  Today’s culture creates earthly hierarchies – artificial manmade hierarchies – that we are either at the top of or that we look up to, honor, have faith in.  Our faith, being faith in manmade structures/structuring, while in truth, we are intended to have faith in intent – in the Father’s intended ways of working of life and love emanating to earth (accessible through the Spirit of truth).  We – humankind – are intentionally created to become and be vessels for love – the all-inclusive love emanating from the one Source – entering life, making life whole in harmony with the Father’s intended everlasting life on this earth.  As we reflect on what is here written, we can see that this is the pattern of the process of living human spiritual beingness yessing the Father’s intent, the pattern given us by Christ through his way and teaching.

Through reflection, we can see how “the ruler of this world” works – how reason-led cultures work.  An example is our being drawn, attracted to ideologies… soon finding ourselves arguing with others, using the pre-determined answers to significant issues, answers given by the ideology.  No longer an authentic self present.  The ruler of the world – the culture – keeping the process going… a process of seeking to elevate the level of one person or group by forcing another to live by their pre-determined answers.  No free will conscious conscientious choice; no love in the process; no wisdom leading; and surely not working for all children in the world.

Everything is intended to begin with love in the process, creating the oneness essential to our nourishing the life processes of earth, to our making life whole. Reminding us of Christ’s questions before miracles were possible:  Do you/does your community have faith? And Do you want to be made whole?

Christ was/is intended to provide for humankind, the process and teaching making visible, available forever and to all, the intended all-inclusive love in the process living human spiritual beingness, yessing the Father’s everlasting life on this earth command. Now is the time to embrace the I AM process of Christ in the here and unfolding now… the time to embrace, to yes, the intended way of glorifying the Father of the all.

Sandra Maslow Smith