Wisdom Writers… A Grassroots Culture Creating Process

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I awoke thinking about our local process, our dialoguing process, wisdom writers… which led to my hearing a flow of questions that the curious might ask of us…

Where are you going? I am going to wisdom writers. Today it’s at the tea bar, next week it will be around a kitchen table, when weather allows, it’s on a porch or a dock. It’s like AA: Wherever two or more gather for this particular intentional dialoguing, we call it wisdom writers.

Why the name? To remind ourselves of our work, our grassroots work of writing wisdom into our community.

So, you write? Well, we don’t think of writing the way you are thinking.  We are working to see, understand and live from wisdom… learning to lead our thinking with wisdom… to “write” wisdom into our hearts and minds so that we are able to start our thinking from wisdom.

Oh, like the wisdom that comes from experience? Well, no, not really that. We are working together in intentional dialogue, opening ourselves to “seeing” come from above wisdom… intended ways of working of the life and love emanating from the one Source of all… to “seeing” the essence process – the essence pattern of intent – embedded within each and all – that higher order “why” of our uniqueness – the potential within…  So that we can come from intentional wisdom (take our direction from that) and learn to see and enable manifesting potential in each, all and everything.

How do you stay focused on this? Who or what leads it? We always remember that at this time of now, the greatest wisdom is (to organize ourselves with) the come from above command: Work for all my children in the world. Holding in mind, what works for all children in the world works for the everlastingness of living earth… and what works for the everlastingness of living earth works for all children in the world…

And we hold in mind that the greatest virtue emanating from love, intended to be manifested on this earth at this time, is wholeness… a virtue we – humankind – become able to live out, by and through oneness… oneness as community, a people, oneness with the one Source of each, all and everything…

And, most importantly, we hold in mind the greatest truth at this time of now is If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.

…Always remembering how we work… the truth of how we – humankind – work: The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from… and ultimately what we create, bring into existence… be it thought, word, deed or material manifestations.

This seems much to remember; how do you stay focused? Well, as you might have guessed, working together in this way is not the common way of our culture, our reason-organized, existence-based culture.  We, wisdom writers, are intuition-organized and essence-based… neither of which are valued in the formal education today’s culture produces.  Working in this way has called for developing our intuition, and creating a new philosophy – the living philosophy of potential – a philosophy written from and to intuition, a philosophy by and through which we can choose to organize and order our hearts and minds. A philosophy that is living, in that life itself is an ongoingly enfolding unfolding upwardly advancing process; the here and now is really always a here and unfolding now… calling for our ordering and organizing our hearts and minds with a philosophy that too is ongoingly enfolding, unfolding to higher order, to be more encompassing of the whole… the whole of humanity, the whole of the living earth within which we – humankind – were/are intentionally created an essential living part.

Wisdom writers is the name we have given ourselves… ongoing intentional dialoguing, reflective processing and prayerful questioning are the processes for our work of creating a culture – beginning in community – that works for all children in the world… work which begins with our always remembering community, two or more gathering in the name of all-inclusive love entering, is the smallest whole.