Casting Out the Ruler – the Culture – of this World

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…the ruler of this world shall be cast out… and if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to myself. (JN12:31-32)

The “ruler of this world” – the come from below culture… a culture organized by that which can be seen with the eyes… a culture missing that which we left when we left the garden: Missing the tree of life, the tree of wisdom. Love and life emanate from the one Source as an ongoing intertwined emanation. In the garden, original intent (a forever intent) was possible by and through our harmony with intended ways of working of life and organizing our thinking with come from above wisdom.  Leaving the garden, we declared no need for wisdom; we have reason… and life – the living earth – belongs to us, not to the one Source of the all.  Unintended by the Source, yet calling for, the salvation of humankind… salvation from unconsciously, unconscientiously obeying the come from below culture that we have created. Salvation necessary so that we would have both the teachings and process of intentional humanness (vessel for love entering life) joining the Father’s everlasting life on this earth work (instrument for eternalizing living earth). And now is the time! The time when earth is struggling to sustain its intended ways of working of life while we the people of earth are unconscious of intended ways; and earth’s children are crying out… being treated as robots (pour in knowledge) and/or unfortunate, but inevitable victims of our greed and power pursuits.

Our culture orders and organizes our thinking with economics (ownership), legality and rights… all feeding existence level human-centered desires and aims…

Now is the time for “the ruler of this world to be cast out”.  The cultural ways are bringing death to the living earth, and to her children – all children in the world.  Now is the time of the Spirit, the time of potential.  Potential being the embedded intentionality of the one Source within each and all… unique manifestations of love… come from above virtues, and are enfolded into life, intended to be unfolded.  And this becomes possible by and through our taking up this work – Work for all my children in the world – intended ways of love and life leading our thinking that add value to life.  A culture that orders and organizes our thinking with potential – virtues embedded within – ethicality – good and right ways of living and working – and dignity –being authentically human in the dignified image intended, image given us through Christ.

Shifting… making the radical shift… from economics, legality and rights, to potential, ethicality and dignity ordering and organizing our thinking… cast out the ruler of this world by and through realizing the way and the truth and the life… the process and teaching of Christ, that which Christ actualized.  The true “being generated from above” that Christ made possible by embedding within humankind the full true whole teaching and process for our becoming authentically human as intended since the beginning – the original intent. And Christ sent the Spirit of truth to make visible all he taught us (through teachings and his process) and make accessible, intended ways of working of life and love emanating from the Source of the all, and the potential – unique essence virtue embedded, intentionally embedded in each and all – virtue particularly needing to be manifested on this earth at this time.

Sandra Maslow Smith