The Four Thou Shall Loves

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When it comes to love, love entering our processes, we have come to see Christ as the exemplar.  Thus seeking to see, understand and manifest the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of his teaching and his process.  For example, the four Thou Shall Loves:

Love God… the Father, the Creator of life, of all… Join in the intended enfolding unfolding eternalizing of life work of the Father/Creator.

Love thy neighbor… Seek to develop within ourselves, within our communities, that which enables us, when we look at someone, to not see other, but rather see sister, brother.

Love one another as I have loved you… Love all-inclusively… Be and become a vessel for the all-inclusive love of the Source to enter into our processes, into the life processes of the earth. Work to create cultures that work for all children in the world.

Love thy enemy… Through reflection and dialogue, we have come to see that life, earthly life, its ways and processes; has, in reality, been a common enemy of reason-led cultures. Reason-led cultures being cultures void of wisdom – the wisdom of intent – leading their processes, have through millennia, treated earthly life, its ways and processes, as an enemy to be subdued and extracted from. Thus, we can love thy enemy by creating virtue sourced, essence based, ethically working value adding processes… processes that bring vitality to the life processes of earth, and work in advancing humanness ways.

Terry P. Anderson & Sandra Maslow Smith

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