Embracing the Christ Process in the Here and Unfolding Now

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…the hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified. (JN12:23)

Reading these words for seeing the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of Christ, my thoughts turned to how we – humankind – when we know we will be with our friends and family for only a short time more, work – perhaps more consciously and conscientiously than ever before – to share with them that which we feel to be essential for them to see, to understand, and hopefully choose to do, to act from in some way.  And so, for the past year or more, I have been reading John, chapters 12 and on, from such a perspective. 

The Son of Manshould be glorified… man, originally, intentionally created; yet now needed: a son who would be glorified… a son who would return to the Father, the first son to return to the Father… a son who glorified the Father so perfectly that the Father would glorify him. The perfection being perfection of the work he was given by the Father that he should do. (JN17:4) The process pattern and teaching of such person embedded – eternally embedded – within humankind in a way that we, humankind, would have everlasting access… making possible each and all exercising free will conscious choice… consciously conscientiously choosing to follow the pattern and teaching we have been given by the son.  About which the son stated, If you understand this, blessed are you if you do it.

Most recently, I have reflected that one aspect, one facet, of the process pattern he has given us is the essentiality of our regularly coming together in dialogue, as did he during the days that were his final hour… and with love in our process, dialogue these last chapters in the Gospel of Christ written by John.  Dialogue for seeing the essence summary of Christ’s teachings and process, understanding their philosophical relevance at this time of now, so that we are able to take this as our way of ordering and organizing our hearts and minds… as our living philosophy in the here and unfolding now. Always remembering to seek “seeing,” not to seek reason-led meanings, not to seek what man has said in the past what this means… but to seek “seeing”… the nature of seeing represented in Christ’s words, Blessed are those with eyes that can see and ears that can hear… a seeing that we open ourselves to when we shift from reasoning to intuition, to the intuition that opens our hearts and minds to thinking the things of God, to coming from above.  Have faith this is possible… for it being essential to our truly having faith in the one Source of intent, and in Jesus Christ who He sent… faith in intent – in intended ways of working of life and love – faith in come from above wisdom accessible through the ongoing processes of intentional dialoguing, reflective processing and prayerful questioning… living in the question making possible our becoming vessels for love entering the life processes of earth… as was/is Christ. 

Sandra Maslow Smith


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