Reflections on Potential and Love in the Process

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At this time of now, a time of war, disease and pollution threatening the future vitality and viability of living earth and her members, we humankind, are being called to see and embrace the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of Christ’s teaching and process… to see and embrace the work of now – Work for all my children in the world – and our unique calling – as person, community, land, country, a people of earth. That for which we, humankind, were created… 

Calling for our realizing that our thinking is being organized (mostly unconsciously) by culture… a culture of existence… that which uses fear for power… that which Christ called “the ruler of this world.” 

Christ came to embed the ableness – should we embrace his teaching and process, its relevance in the here and unfolding now – to create and consciously conscientiously choose (as did he) to live in this world in come from above ways – intended ways given us by the Spirit of truth… ways advancing humanness and nourishing life. 

Yet our reasoning mind’s attachment to problem solving existence has called upon the Spirit to ‘solve problems’ we cannot solve on our own. Seeking omnipotence – the all-powerful – as opposed to love… the love that makes all things – all that is intended – possible.  It is love, the all-inclusive love of the Source entering through us into the working of the world, that is now called for… needed and absolutely necessary. We were clearly told that the Spirit is a Spirit of Truth… what comes from above is truth – truth of the Father’s intended ways… truth that elevates us from problem solving to potential realizing… working as persons, community, country, people of earth to enable potential realizing of each, all and everything. Potential being particular unique essence virtues/processes intentionally embedded by the one Source in each, all and everything… embedded, yet calling for love in the process to be able to manifest. If love is not present in the process, in our process, potential manifesting and realizing will not be present in the outcome… ultimately leading to the diminishing of life – of living earth and of all her children, including humankind… 

Perhaps that which was then spoken to reason, I desire mercy and not sacrifice (MT12:7), is now being heard by intuition as, “It is not power, political power, but rather love, My all-inclusive love entering through you into the working of the world, that I desire.”

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