Intuition Speaking, Now is the Time!

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Intuition speaking, “Now is the time!”

…the time for coming from above, for accessing and developing intuition… intuition of wholeness. 

For accessing come from above wisdom to guide our reasoning processes… to see and understand intended ways. 

To see Christ as process… to make real his teaching, bringing the love he makes possible into our processing. 

Saying yes to why we are here… yes to the essential work of now: leading the creation of cultures that work for all children, seeing and seeking to realize the potential of each and all…

+ cultures that nourish life – the whole of life… 

+ cultures that advance our humanness in ways that reflect our being an instrument of the Source… an instrument for life, a vessel for all-inclusive love entering through us into the working of the world. And by so doing, transcending the stuckness of now… the dispiriting divisiveness. 

A time for bringing, not only a message of hope; but, through love, the all-inclusive love of the Source entering our processes, creating a path, a way of truth and real hope… hope for each, hope for all… each and all being of and from the one and the same Source. 

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