Further Seeings Regarding Science, Religion, Our Shared Role and Work

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At the core, the heart of all science dealing with life – human life, all of life’s creatures, the whole of life – is the theory of evolution… evolution being the source of conflict, angst, animosity between religion and science. And too, it is very common for a life scientist to exclaim that without the theory of evolution I/we would be lost… a ship adrift in a vast unmanageable ocean… thus, the evolution characterization of the previous writing, “What is Needed Now is an Evolution within Science Itself.” 

And then seeing a similar pattern for religion. Here faith – my faith, the faith – is the central organizing construct. The shift for religion at this time lies within a love-organized faith… bringing into the world an understanding and manifestation of the word – that which is not otherwise accessible in seeable, embraceable, livable ways.  And so, what needs to be lifted up, made visible is the evolutionary shift – higher level of consciousness, conscientiousness – for religion: embracing of the whole of the truth of Christ – aka love – his teachings and processes. Developing understanding of that, etc. 

And then this seeing: the role, the one and the same role of each, all and the whole of humanity, lies within our being and becoming a vessel for the love of the Source entering into the working of the world, the unfolding living world. One shared role for each person, community, country… the whole of humanity. This role, this vesselness is a soul building process, for each, for community and so forth… ultimately the soul of humanity. 

And finally seeing work, the shared work of all, that which reflects our instrumentality, is the spirit manifesting work, the joining in the eternalizing of life work of the Source, the Creator, the Father. 

Thus, each and all have inherently, intentionally present within a particular uniqueness, an essence pattern of intent – not so much a thing as a process – to bring into, and create wholeness within our vesselness, our instrumentality… within humanity, within the whole of life. 

Terry P. Anderson