What is Needed Now is an Evolution within Science Itself

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Reflecting on the past, and on the current non-systemic, reductionist, human centered approach and pattern of reason-led science, is that science and its related engineering and technology, has provided favorable results to human desires and necessities. Present within this process, is a particular pattern, a problem solving pattern, whereby the solution to the previous problem ultimately creates a more complex problem to solve… and the solution of that which emerges, continues to create even more complex problems; not just for humankind, but at this time, hazardous issues for the whole of life. 

Clearly our current approach, regardless of the “miracles” that may have occurred… is no longer adequate – whole enough, complete enough – to bring reconciling resolution to the issues facing humankind and the whole of life… life itself.

What is needed is an evolution within science itself. An evolutionary shift to a higher level of consciousness, and conscientiousness… the nature of shift in consciousness – wholistic seeing and systemic understanding – and conscientiousness – willful, intentional discipline – such that we, humankind can live from and live in ethical, truly ethical, right and good ways. Right for the one, good for the whole: right for life, good for the whole of humanity… right for humanity, good for the whole of life. 

And an evolution in our disciplined approach. One that reflects the intended ways of working of ourselves, of life and love on this earth. Seeks to understand and enable the wholistic organizing, systemic working, cyclical processes of life, such that the potential realizing capacity within life, within ourselves is nourished and sustained. One including an understanding of wholeness being sourced in love – the all-inclusive nature of love that creates wholeness within life, within ourselves. A perspective and disciplined approach that is being unfolded in the living philosophy of potential… a come from above, from essence, work-organized living philosophy that holds as its primary tenet: 

There is a Source, an intentionality, a will force behind the whole of all… including the living earth, and all of its creatures… ourselves included.

And also, this premise… this intuitively seeable, experientially validate-able premise:

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from… and ultimately what we create… bring into existence.

For further elucidation of this unfolding philosophy see pathofpotential.org

Terry P. Anderson

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