A Path of Fear or a Path of Love… Now is a Time of Choosing

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As did Christ, we prayerfully ask the Father to show us the work for which we were sent… and, not being distracted by futilely problem solving the day’s issues, we faithfully organize ourselves with perfecting the work we are given that we should do… having faith in the intent of the One Source and in that which is given us from above. We work to think the things of the Father, not the things of man.

We are living in the beginnings of a new time, the time of the Spirit; the time calling for our seeing the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of Christ’s teaching and process. Now is the time of the Spirit entering humanity with come from above truth… and for our ongoingly yessing that which has been given us: “Go into community and create a culture that works for all my children in the world” and do so in a way that “speaks for earth” – speaks for everlasting life as in heaven, so also on the earth – as intended since the beginning (The Father’s command is everlasting life). 

Gather in intentional dialogue (face to face or in writing) with all-inclusive love in the process… and Christ promises …there AM I in your midst; join in, embrace the way and the truth and the life – my process and teaching – and you will do greater than these works that I have done.  And he shared, the night before he died: If you understand this – the process and teaching I have given you – blessed are you if you do it.

Now is the time for our realizing the potential that Christ actualized – embedded within humankind – so everything would be in its place for our developing the ableness to see, understand, and do the work for which we, each and all, were sent.

Very sincerely, Sandra Maslow Smith

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