Living Science and Engineering

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Present within the processes of life is an essence pattern of reciprocally nourishing structures and structuring at the interface. We can see and experience this as we witness and reflect upon the pollinating process of the bee… seeing within its pollinating of the flower, the unfolding vitality and viability it brings to the life energy field we call the meadow. Another example, one that science makes visible – seeable and understandable – through its patterns and process, that being the reciprocally nourishing exchange of essential nutrients between the mycelium network and the root systems of the trees of the forest.

Present within the processes of science is the essence pattern of elucidating the structures and structuring occurring at the interfaces.  Work and ways of working that often call upon us to transcend the ordinary limitations of our senses… seeing beyond our physical eyes, hearing beyond that which the structure of the ears allows, and so forth.

Witnessing the work and working of the beaver, we come to see the structures and structuring brought about through life organized engineering.  And with the aid of science can come to see that the structures and structuring the beaver family creates lie behind that which we call a meadow… and seeing that ultimately, without the beaver, there would be no mountain meadows.

Within life organized engineering there lies the essential aim of seeking to ensure the structures and structuring we bring into the living world are not only harmonious with the intended ways of working of life on this earth, but also ensuring they act in reciprocally nourishing ways within the systemic working of the life energy field into which they are introduced.

And in this way we, as living human spiritual beings, not only bring purpose and meaning to our work, but also, through the creation of virtue sourced value adding processes, live out, and join with, the intentionality behind the whole of all…

Terry P. Anderson

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