Bringing a New Context and Perspective to Scientific Pursuits

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Good morning! …. I trust you have recovered from your post booster side effects, and are continuing your reflective processing. I had a note from of a friend of mine and she has concluded that the gift of COVID has been some reflective space… self-quarantining has shifted her patterns of involvement such that she has had quiet time to think… in more reflective ways.  Reading the book, “Call of the Reed Warbler,” has evoked some reflective processing on my part as well.  Perhaps energized by my granddaughter’s growing interest in environmental engineering.   And the increasing clarity in the world that there is no “non” environmental engineering.  All structures that we bring into existence, create structures and structuring within the systemic working of the life processes of earth.  

Reflecting on the historical perspective in the Reed Warbler book clearly illustrates this reality.  And too, a clear demonstration of the effect of the perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determining the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from, and ultimately what we create –  the structures/structuring we bring into existence.  Fortunately, we can see from humankind’s history, that when we come from above, from the intentionality behind the whole of all, understand intended ways of working within that, and harmoniously join in the patterns and ways of the planetary life energy field within which we are living and working… the vitality and viability of life, the life processes of earth, and our wellbeing are enabled in a sustaining intentional way.

Now what is really interesting to me, is that we people of science have a calling, called work, a particular role, a significant role with regard to honoring and harmonizing with the intended ways of working of life on this earth.  Work and role, not unlike that made visible in the historically demonstrated ways, the intentionally ethical ways of living and working with regard to life, the whole of life.  To do so requires a shift in perspective, but calls upon the essence pattern of science –  understanding the structures and structuring at the interfaces.  Obvious to us chemists, but present within all fields as well.  The simple shift, emerging from our seriousness, and the hazardous reality of now, is one of shifting from manipulation, from manipulating structuring to satisfy our desires; and moving to developing the understanding such that we can be truly ethical in our patterns… ethical, intentionally ethical, in that what we create, what we pursue is guided by the right and good… right for the whole of life, good for humankind – a particular member of the larger community of life.

We in science have a long appreciation for principles… developing, understanding the principles behind particular behavior, particular results.  Principles that will enable the regeneration of the intentionality behind, and present within, humankind; and to do so in a way that we can join in the regeneration of a healthy, intentionally working, living earth.  Much of which is present in the historical pattern of humankind… particularly those who had a notion of intentionality, a creator, so to speak, and sought to be in harmony with that.

As you know, this pursuit has been an ongoing one within the development of the living philosophy of potential.  A work organized, come from above philosophy… one anchored in essence patterns of intent – intended ways of working of life and love.  Love being the name we give to that which creates wholeness, essential wholeness, within life, within ourselves… as living human spiritual beings.  And also, we have come to understand that organizing the heart and the mind, that which creates and sustains necessary discipline, is the work of philosophy.  At this time, an essence based, as opposed to the more traditional existence based, philosophy.

And finally, some understanding that would enable the development of regenerative principles… principles that regenerate our intentionality, as well as harmonize with the intended ways of working of life on the earth… a structure that has entered into existence as a place for life to enter into the working of the unfolding creation… more commonly known as the universe.   

    + Life organizes itself wholistically

    + Life creates systems to sustain the potential realizing capacity of its processes

    + Potential lies within process.  It is the way of life to maximize possibilities, seeking to realize the potential of each and all. We can see this at work as we reflect on so called invasive species. The pattern here is commonly one of our disturbing the intended pattern of reciprocally nourishing structures/structuring at the interfaces… disturbing the intended ways through our particular desires.  Ways perhaps anchored in ignorance – not knowing – versus malicious intent, but equally effective in the disturbance of the intended and thus, the appearance of invasive species. Invasive species, seeming to be a natural consequence of our diminishing the healthy working of a systemically sustained process, and life’s pattern of maximizing possibilities.  Thus it seeking to fill a void we have created… kind of reminds me of “nature abhors a vacuum”… a principle of long standing.  Now, what is also at work here is the reductionist, versus systemic, pattern currently present within our reasoning processes.  A pattern that sees the invasive species as a problem to solve, often looking to herbicides for example, to correct a segmented manifestation of a process that we have disturbed. Thus not taking regenerative action, rather following a path of problem solving, and then solving the problem, often with more serious consequences… that we have – through non-intentional practices – created. 

And so, we can see a shift in our thinking, one of seeing the particular structure/structuring, understanding that; but holding in mind the whole of the particular process involved… its cyclicality, its systemic working. And regenerating the potential realizing capacity present within the process.  Quite a shift from reducing our efforts to a problem-solving approach… an approach which history clearly shows as one that almost always, if not always, creates a more complex, more life hazardous condition.

And so, an exciting time for science, bringing new context, and perspective to its pursuits; while developing greater ableness with regard to its essence pattern.  

All for now, Terry