Inclusivity… the Joyous Experiencing of its Essence

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Recent dialoguing brought to my mind the excitement Esther brought into our dialoguing process as she experienced the essence of inclusivity.  She, like the others of us involved in a particular dialoguing process, had been reflecting on inclusivity… seeking, as was our pattern, to see it as process… not so much as defining it, but rather seeing/experiencing it as process.  And so, it turned out that Esther’s path to town took her past a soccer field, and she often stopped, and stood from afar to observe a group of young Mexican boys playing soccer.  Stopping not so much to see the game, but rather to experience the joy and excitement being manifested in the pattern of play. As time went on she found herself longing to be included, to be invited into the process… recognizing that her age and ability prevented her from actually playing.  And so, she for many days stood watching from a distance; all the while the urge to participate continued to strengthen.   And finally, on that day of our session, she had left the comfort of the observer post, and walked onto the field… joyously joining the process.  Thus, her joyous, inspiriting entry and participation in our dialoguing. As we continued to reflectively process Esther’s experience, it became clear that inclusivity was not so much about being invited in, but at essence was about joining in the process… willfully joining in the process.

 We have come to see that this is the way of the ever inclusive, all-inclusive love of the Source.  We, through the intentionality present in our living human spiritual beingness, are, like all of life’s creatures, continuously “invited” into our work and purpose with regard to the ongoingness, eternalizing of life on this earth. What seems to be unique to our livingness, is that it requires conscious choice on our part.  Unlike the bee or the ant, we don’t seem to awaken every morning, and instinctively take up our work. Rather it requires conscious choice on our part.  And, in the experience of Esther, free will conscious choice to cross a cultural boundary of our own making.  

At this time of now, more and more of us are experiencing an inner stirring, an awakening, not unlike that of Esther, to say yes to our called work, to willfully join in the intended unfolding of now.                                  

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