The Purposeful Work Cycles of Life… the Joining in Process

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The Purposeful Work Cycles of Life… the Joining in Process

The purposeful work cycles of life recently showed up during an intentional dialogue… showed up and were received in a receptive and seemingly joyfully excited way as I sketched them out in the context of the pursuits of those present. I wondered and asked myself why these showed up at this particular time. Then, in one of my middle of the night awakenings, the seeing, the answer “so to speak” emerged… unfolding in this manner:

The purposeful work cycles of life are an intuitive depiction of the cyclical patterns at the essence of life’s processes… there are no linear patterns.  Cyclicality is the way, is the pattern of life.  This is a four-cycles-within-one-cycle depiction… one that first emerged within and through our work with community.  I still have vivid memory of seeing, while we were driving to a gathering, the “make life whole” work of the children, as we were then seeing that particular process cycle within the larger cycle. 

And then, I saw that this is the process of our joining in the eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Father/Creator… And then quickly seeing…

Make life whole… it is through love entering through us into the working of the world that makes life whole.  Thus the seeking to understand the philosophical relevance of the exemplar… of Christ, of his teachings and process.

Make life real… embracing the truth of our livingness, of our being intentionally, inextricably woven within the web of life…and like all of life, we have work and role with regard to its ongoingness… the upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing of life on and through the earth. (Seeing, emphasizing the truth of our livingness, leads to our seeing the realness of this work, and its absence in our thinking, pursuits). 

Make life fruitful… The essence of the process of life is reciprocally nourishing structures and structuring at the interfaces.  Life is both cyclical and evolutionary… both of which emerge from the intentionality, the come from above intended ways and unfolding of life.  The now intended unfolding requires an evolutionary shift in ourselves… an evolutionary, come from above process, that calls for a particular inner organizing ableness of humankind such that the structuring that we outerly create and manifest is reciprocally nourishing to the whole of life, and is enabling of the particular unfolding/evolution of now.  And doing this through the creation of virtue sourced essence based right and good ethically working value adding processes. Remembering that life maximizes possibilities, and seeks to realize the potential inherently present within each and all

Make life wise… embracing the truth of an intentionality behind the whole of all. An intentionality out from which emerges life and love and the intended ways of working of each and of both… seeking to see, understand and live out and from the essential truths of life, of ourselves, and thus having our being and our ways in “enabling harmony” with the intended ways of working of life, of ourselves as living human spiritual beings.

Terry P. Anderson