Christ was/is a Work Organized Process

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Christ was/is a Work Organized Process

Intentional work enables actualizing the work of the Father and realizing potential of each, all & everything.

Christ was/is a work organized process…  

+ I perfected the work I was given that I should do.

+ My food is to do the work of the one who sent me.

+ For this I was born, for this I came into the world…”

Christ entered into a non-working culture/people…

+ No realization of potential essential to the actualization work of the Father – the eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Father.

+ No faith in intent… more and more putting faith in man’s laws, reasoned interpretation… coming from below, rather than coming from above.

+ Thus, cut off from love, the love life requires for wholeness… for creating and sustaining wholeness.

Follow me… enter into the non-working culture of now…

+ There is no realization for actualization work of the Father by and through salvation – escaping life – pursuits. Power pursuits v.s. love; no faith in intent. 

+ If we are serious, truly committed, the beatitudic process – the Community Developmental Process – will be our experience of taking the work into a non-working culture/people. All work of now related to sustaining the life nourishing processes of earth.

Following “the way” calls for our becoming work organized… serious about being authentic. It is in the presence of, through work, that the beatitudic way, community development, contributes to realization. It is through work, only through work, that we are enabled to make the necessary shifts of now…

+ From salvation pursuits/perspective… to realization of essential potential through work. 

+ From human centered/self-serving perspective… to life of the whole perspective.

+ From self… to community – realization that “I can’t do this by myself.  Community, systemic working is required.”

+ From being hereafter oriented… to being here-and-unfolding-now work organized. In truth, everything is “here and unfolding now.”


+ Starting our thinking with man’s translations, interpretations of Christ, brings with it, previous experience, salvation orientation, perhaps baggage… 

+ Starting with the work, the intentional purposeful work of now, brings Christ – the truth, the way, the patterns – into the process with awakening seeing in new light.

All work ultimately aimed at, organized by, life – life sustaining processes, supporting, enabling the Father’s work – awakens us to who, what we are truly serving. 

Intentional work enables actualizing the work of the Father and realizing potential of each, all & everything.

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