Seeing the Philosophical Relevance of Christ in the Here and Unfolding Now, July 2021

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Seeing the Philosophical Relevance of Christ in the Here and Unfolding NowJuly 2021

July 3, 2021

Reflecting on “Thinking the things of God; not the things of man,” and “Come from above; not from below”

Returning to the writing, A Seeing of Truth

 In our culture today, “Everyone throwing; everyone being thrown at”… clarity that all are coming from below… And the new way, the way of “love in the process, if love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome” is the only way to come from above… the conscience plank of now… the way of becoming…

(Liberty)  Consciously conscientiously choosing… manifesting our freedom to choose the process by and through which “I develop my soul, realize my potential and surrender to my instrumentality.”

(Life)  Experiencing the wholeness, the fullness of life and joining in its intended ongoing, upwardly enfolding unfolding by and through taking up the work for which I was sent.

(Dignity)  Become fully and truly human in the dignified image intended:  the “I AM” process of Christ… who gave us the process pattern of the way and the truth and the life.

Clarity that coming from below, we will and always do have divisive views… these having now escalated to having the power to destroy living earth and humankind; perhaps humankind being the only member of living earth with the essence process, work of being instrument for love entering life, for making life whole by and through oneness with the Source – loving one another all-inclusively as Christ loved… love emanating from its One Source.

The way living earth will be able to continue its intended work in the universe calls for our becoming fully and truly human – living human spiritual beings – taking up the work of vesselness for love entering life, instrument for eternalizing life.  In the absence of our becoming such – intentional people of earth – we will continue to come from below… a way of life that even with “best of intentions” cannot help but create more problems than our “good faith” problem solving efforts inadvertently create.  We spend our lifetimes “feeding the hungry beast” – only ultimately finding that the beast is us – our culture of greed, power over (over life/earth/people), ignorance and indifference (The Story of Now).  No wonder Christ chastised Peter, when he tried to convince Christ to say “No” to his final hour: Get behind me Satan!  You are thinking not as God, but as man.

July 4, 021

The Father’s house is the living earth; Do not make my Father’s house a place of merchandising.Worship the Father in spirit and truth… the Father seeks such worshiping Him. Come from above; listen to, be receptive to hearing, to seeing from above… live and work in harmony with the truth you are given by this process… the process Jesus called Spirit of Truth… Comforter. For it is comforting to see and understand truth, from above truth… and to live and work in harmony with such truth.

The Father’s house has many rooms… each and all have their place, their “room”, the work they are given that they should do… all as members – intentional members – of humanity… humanity being an intentional member of living earth.   

If you love me, the commandments of me keep.  And I will petition the Father, and another Comforter He will give you, that He abide with you to the age, the Spirit of Truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because not it sees Him, nor knows Him, but you know Him, because He abides within you, and within you He will be. I will not leave you orphans.  I am coming to you.(JN 14:16-18)

The three processes (Father, Son and Spirit) working as one to make possible our doing greater than the works Christ did, all revolves around “I AM” – the Name of Christ… a never to be forgotten center of the process.  Our works to be in harmonious congruence with the Father’s intentionality is centered around the way, the truth, the life given us by Christ… the way, the beatitudic all-inclusive love in the process way… the come from above truth – truth of Thy Will intentionality, truth of Thou Shall intentionality (life and love intentionality in the here and unfolding now) – and the truth of our having work – glorifying the Father through embracing the processes of the Son work. Without work, we cannot ever “do greater than these” – the works of Christ… works that join with the Father process – the everlasting life on this earth in the here and unfolding now intent.  Works that call for our becoming fully, truly, wholly human – living human spiritual beings joining together in the everlasting life work of Father.  No other way… no matter what we would prefer to believe!  Begin with the work… then read the Word in the Gospels from a here and unfolding now life of the whole perspective. The work enables the eyes opening to seeing the relevance of the Word in the here and unfolding now… relevance to living earth itself… relevance to the future of all children in the world.

July 5, 2021

Father of us; Father in heaven; Let be made whole, let be sanctified the name of You; Let come the kingdom of You… as in heaven, so also on the earth… Let be done the will of you… as in heaven, so also on the earth…

Father of us – One Source of all… of each and all. Each and all, brothers and sisters of the One and same Source.

Father in Heaven – Father above.  I AM… “I come from above; you come from below; think the things of the Father, not the things of man.”

Let be sanctified the name of You:  I AM; I AM WHO AM.  I (Jesus) sanctified your name by accomplishing/perfecting the work that you gave to me that I should do. How? The I AM process… taking come from above work into the non-working culture… beginning with the work, organized by the work… the I AM process.

Let come the kingdom of You… as in heaven, also on the earth…

Yet a little while and the world me no longer beholds.  But you behold me, because I live, also you will live.  In that day, you will know that I live in the Father of me, and you in me and I in you.  The having the commandments of me and keeping them, that one is the loving me. And he loving me will be loved by the Father of me and I will love him and reveal myself to him. (JN14:19-21)

Christ fulfilled the intended process of the Father of the all:  everlasting life.  We – humankind – now have the pattern of the process of living human spiritual beingness yessing the everlasting life command and work of the Father… the cycle of life continuing:  Life emanating from the Source of life being made whole on the earth by and through all-inclusive love vesselness of humankind… making possible life returning to the Source of all life.  Because Christ lives, we also live – if we keep the word of him.  Loving him/love in our processes, all-inclusive love in our processes in the pattern of Christ being essential to our fulfilling Thy will be done on this earth.  Thy will being everlasting life on earth.  A culture that extracts from, diminishes life – the living earth – to support an existence beyond that which is in balance with our intended life nourishing ways, humanness advancing ways, interferes with the I AM process.  The I AM process being Christ’s process, the exemplar of the intended process of humankind on this earth… makes possible life returning to the Source of life. The seeds must fall to the ground and die for everlasting life to be obeyed/fulfilled.  We are seeds, the I AM process is our “falling to the ground” way – intended falling to the ground way… the coming from above, Thy will be done on this earth at this time way… the only way. 

The not loving me, the Words of me not keeps; and the Word which you hear is not mine, but of Him having sent me.  Father.(JN14:24)

… making clear to pay attention, listen to the words of Christ, his words being those given him by the Father.  Clearly we are intended to have faith in the words, the Father’s intent.  Christ made this clear (JN3) in his dialogue with Nicodemus:  If you do not believe the Spirit speaks to you, to us; then you will never believe when I/we tell you the word we were given…. and Christ goes further:  We are intended to come from above… to be generated by the truth of the Spirit.

I have spoken these things (words of the Father) abiding with you.  But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, which the Father will send in the name of me, that One will teach you all things and remind you of all things which I told you.(JN14:26)

If we have faith in intent, in come from above intent, we will receive help from the Holy Spirit… sometimes called the Comforter. Surely an interesting word choice… making visible Christ, when he walked the earth, was comforter… he spoke the word of the Father… come from above word.  Giving us truth (For this I was born, for this I came into the world, to testify to truth(JN18:37)), truth of intent and intended ways of life and love emanating from the Father.  And understanding the world is a living world, life will be in constant unfolding/enfolding; calling for our seeing (come from above seeing) intended ways in the here and unfolding now.  At this time humanity has moved into cultural rock-throwing ways (A Seeing of Truth)… taking turns throwing at each other… calling for the Comforter to enter giving us all that we need at this time:  

Work for all my children in the world; Who will speak for earth?; If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome; Fight no more forever; Go into community and lead the creation of processes that add value to life; All value adding processes begin and end with virtue; All virtues are sourced in love; The end of time is the beginning of potential… the time for the Spirit entering; Now is the time of becoming…

July 7, 2021

Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to men, but blasphemy of the Spirit will not be forgiven… Whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, will not be forgiven him, neither in this age, nor in the coming one.(MT12:32)

The Holy Spirit being our lifeline to the intent and intended ways of working of life and love on this earth at this time… Believing in the Spirit of Truth entering; having faith in what is given, being essential to our joining the Father’s everlasting life on earth intent: The Spirit will teach you all things and remind you all things which I (Christ) told you.(Jn14:26)  The Holy Spirit – your helper, your comforter – gives you peace.

Without the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth speaking to us, we are lost… lost in coming from below, not able to move towards oneness; without all-inclusive love in the process oneness, not able to make life whole.  This was true for Christ; this is true for us.  Believing we can do the good and right without the come from above help from the Holy Spirit of Truth (the Helper) is (based on Christ’s declaration) unforgiveable when it involves blasphemy… the two together make one’s self the source and lead others to follow them.  The ultimate manifestation of greed, power, ignorance and indifference: extraction from life (The Story of Now).

Believing in the Spirit of Truth, having faith in the Holy Spirit, come from above truth entering, being at the essence of our becoming fully truly wholly living human spiritual beings with the ableness to ongoingly yes the Father’s eternalizing life work  Anything less is like the prodigal son and his brother… at the end of the parable, we still do not know if they had truly joined the Father’s everlasting life of the farm – the living earth – work, if they were truly yessing the everlasting life work of the Father… and therefore seeing all who were working there as brothers and sisters in the one and same work of the one Source of the all.

July 8, 2021


The Son – the process pattern of humankind – was given all He needed, including teachings and ways, to make present on this earth, the Father’s intended processes of all of humankind (everything is in its place)… the beatitudic all-inclusive love in the process way… the truth of his gospel, an expression of the ideals we are intended  to live out, particularly the “Thou shall love” commands:  Love God…; Love your neighbor…; Love one another as I have loved you; Love your enemy.  And, the Spirit of Truth eternally present to access the intentionality of the Father relevant to that which is before us (including the non-working culture) in the here and unfolding now… that which makes possible our seeing good and right… situational good and right… and the life… the Father’s everlasting life on this earth intentionality and the clarity that we – humankind – are to sustain our vessleness for all-inclusive love up to and including the final hour with the aim of (ongoingly yesssing) the Father’s everlasting life command.  On reflection, this being the truth of the why of the gospel being embedded within humankind across the earth.  Reminding us of one of Paul’s letters:  Let he who preaches a gospel, other than the one given be accursed… and the Father’s message: This is my beloved Son; listen to him; and the Son’s message to the disciples: Go, and preach the Gospel to all nations.  As well as his words to Pilate, For this I was born, for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth; and his teaching:  If you know the truth, the truth will set you free… Seeing, understanding, yessing truth given us.

All of which calls for our ongoingly coming from above… as did Christ: All I have given you comes from the Father. And begins with two or more gathering with love in the process seeking to see intended ways of life and love… two or more yessing intent and intended ways, opening our hearts and minds to gifts of come from above truth… and yessing the truth given… the truth of our work and role in the here and unfolding now… 

Going into community, leading the creation of all-inclusive love sourced essence based right and good ethically working processes adding value to life, to living earth.

July 12, 2021

You search the scriptures because in them you think you have everlasting life, and those are witnessing about me… And not you desire to come to me, that life you may have.  Not glory from men I receive; but I have known you, that the love of God not you have in yourselves. (JN5:39-40)

Today you seek everlasting life through knowing/scouring the scriptures for proof Jesus is the Christ; but you desire not to come to his process, live and breathe the I AM process of Christ:  With love in the process and faith in the intent and intended ways of the Father, to embrace the work of now – the now called work of humanity and your particular calling within that.

July 12, 2021

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, which the Father will send in the name of me, that One will teach you all things and remind you of all things which I told you. Peace I leave to you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives.  Let not be agitated the heart of you, nor let it be fearful. (JN14:26-27)

Before speaking the words of JN14:26-27, Jesus chastised Peter for trying to convince him not to “Yes” his final hour… saying Get behind Me Satan!  You are thinking the things of man, not the things of God. Making clear and visible we – humankind – are intended to think the things of God… and, if submitted to the final hour (called “test” in Luke’s written prayer to the Father), answer Yes… yes to our work and role in the Father’s everlasting life on the earth will.  Now we find these words, the Helper, the Holy Spirit,which the Father will send in the name of me, that One will teach you all things, and remind you all things which I told you. The Holy Spirit is the Helper – the access – to the intent of the Father, to our thinking the things of the Father… all things of life and love… the Father’s intent.  Clearly making understandable His having been adamant about blaspheming the Spirit never being forgiven.  The Holy Spirit being our lifeline to intentionality of the Father/Source/Creator of the all.  

And so, Jesus follows this, saying, Peace I leave to you, my peace I give to you; I give not as the world gives. The peace he gives is the peace that comes when the Spirit speaks to us and gives us come from above intent and intended ways of working of life and love… surely peace not as the world gives… but the only true peace. And strikingly, we read the ruler of this world is coming, and has nothing in Me.  But that the world may know that I love the Father, and as the Father commanded Me, so I do. (JN14:30)

Everlasting life – the Father’s command – calls for love in our process – all-inclusive love in the manner of Christ – through our final hour.  That which makes possible the everlasting flow of life from and to the Father.  There is no other way.  This being the “narrow gate.”

July 18, 2021

I Am the true vine… (No one comes to the Father except through me)… and the Father of me is the Vinedresser… Every branch in me not bearing fruit, He takes it; and every fruit bearing (branch) He prunes it, so that more fruit it may bear.(JN15:1-2)

The “fruit bearing” being those working to be authentic, become intentional; to consciously conscientiously choose to advance humanness and nourish the life processes of earth. The more we work to advance humanness, the more we work to nourish life, the more we are called to fulfill… and hence, the more ego-shedding – loss of self as source – pruning by the Father… the more fruit we bear, the more we may bear.  The more we work to come from above; the greater clarity of seeing/hearing from above intentionality we are given… an upwardly spiraling cleansing away of the come from below culture crusting our hearts and leading our minds.  Making possible our yessing the come from above intentionality of the Source: everlasting life… as in heaven, so also on the earth.

Already you are clean (coming from above) because of the Word which I have spoken to you. Abide in me and I in you. (JN15:3)

We abide in each other through the come from above Word we share.

Even as the branch is not able to bear fruit from itself, if it not abide in the vine, so neither you, if not in Me you abide.

A branch without (not abiding in) the Word cannot bear fruit – all fruit being that which is intended by the Father… a branch without the come from above Word, makes self the source and comes from below.

Reflections on the above: Live in Christ:  be authentic in Christ… his way becomes our way. Imagine shifting from “being productive” in the eyes of the culture to “becoming fruitful” as intended (coming from above) by the Father… yessing the Father’s intent.

July 19, 2021

The essence of the Word – the gospel given by Christ’s teachings and process – is love entering life.

The intent of the Word is everlasting life of the Works – the ongoing creation of life on the earth… including humankind, its intended living member.

July 19, 2021

Each branch embracing the truth and the love and the life process essential to the ableness to bear fruit.  With all-inclusive love flowing into and through us into life, with come from above truth of intended ways of working of life and love ongoingly entering our hearts and minds, joining with and yessing the intentionality of The Source – everlasting life on earth; we, humankind, become able to bear fruit… to fulfill our intentional purpose, our significance.

This being an inner process that calls for and depends upon community – love one another community.  Each branch – community – must bear fruit; Love one another as I have loved you.” All branches living and working from the same vine process, essential to our becoming and being significant, as intended.

…Working and living in ways essential to our becoming an intentional people of earth… a people who live and work in harmony with original intent of the Source – the One Source of each, all and everything. Hazards being experienced today – violence, hunger, pandemic, ecological, etc. – all threading back to the void of all-inclusive love vesselness, life eternalizing instrumentality of humankind… our significance on this earth. Embracing our significance being an inner/outer process.  The inner process of cracking our egos, the outer process of transcending our come from below culture, through free will conscious conscientious choosing – choosing the work of now.

I am the vine… the way and the truth and the life.

You are the branches… you are intended to bear the fruit that is essential to the intended ongoing upwardly enfolding unfolding of life. Bear no fruit, you will be taken from the vine; bear fruit and you will be pruned to bear more, and given all you need to perfect the work you have been given that you should do.

Apart from me, you are not able to do… (you do) nothing.  Apart from embracing the way and the truth and the life, we serve self, we come from below… we are burdened with work that does nothing, even destroys the everlastingness of life.

Father… I glorified you by perfecting the work I was given that I should do.

I am the way…

Follow me…

The work is everlasting life on the earth.  The way, all-inclusive love entering life. Community, the smallest whole, led by come from above truth, sent to ongoingly enter with intended ways of life and love into the here and unfolding now.

I am the vine…I am the process… the I AM process, the process of living human spiritual beingness.  A branch – two or more gathering – without the I AM process cannot – does not have the ableness – to bear fruit:  to create virtue sourced essence based ethically right and good working processes that add value to life, to the intended everlasting life on the earth. 

Without living human spiritual beingness – becoming authentically human – in the process pattern of Christ given us by his teachings and ways… by his embedding all-inclusive love in the essence of humankind; we are unable to see and authentically Yes the work we are given that we should do… the eternalizing life work of the Father.  I am the vine; you are the branches.  My process is in you; and your process in me.  I AM the way, the truth, and the life. This being – for us – an ongoing upwardly enfolding unfolding process… the more authentically human we are, the more intentional we have the ableness to become.

At this time of now, compassion of equality being essential to the work – the eternalizing life work – we are given that we should do.  Embracing the work of creating cultures that work for all children in the world leads to our being filled with compassion of equality… the humanness essential to our seeing and yessing our unique role in the Father’s everlasting life on earth work… to our ways of living and working speaking for earth… nourishing the life processes of earth… in harmony with the everlasting life intent of the One Source of all life and love.

July 31, 2021

Vine:  Process pattern of Jesus… embedded all-inclusive love in the process.  The love in the process pattern of Christ – living human spiritual beingness.

You must abide in me to bear fruit: We, humankind, must embrace this process pattern – be authentically human – to bear fruit, to become intentionally human.With the Word – with Christ’s teachings and process pattern… being authentic in Christ (oneness with the Source, with each and all); we develop the ableness to move towards wholeness, to become intentional people of earth.

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