On Being Authentic… Becoming Intentional

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On Being Authentic… Becoming Intentional

Within more and more of us there is an inner stirring of the need to move towards wholeness away from that which divides… and within that, a not uncommon experience of a desire, an awakening, towards our being authentic… towards becoming intentional. All of which is being supported by the growing clarity that our current ways are not working.

The living philosophy of potential is a here and unfolding now work organized philosophy.  A philosophy that holds as its primary premise that there is an intentionality behind the whole of all. An intentionality out from which emerges love and life.  Love being that which brings essential wholeness to ourselves, essential wholeness to life.  Life being the process through which we, as living human spiritual beings, enter into the working of the world.

We have come to understand that at this time, community is the smallest whole.

And if love is not present in our processes, wholeness, that which only love can create, will not be present in the outcome.

And so:

     + If we are experiencing a diminishing confidence in religion’s ableness to bring reconciling resolution to the critical issues, the significant hazards, facing humankind and life itself; we can turn towards seeking to see and understand what is at work now… with particular emphasis on culture… current culture, its way of working, its significant influence on all.  And seek to see and understand what is seeking to emerge – to intentionally, willfully emerge.  Begin our reflections and dialoguing with that.

     + If our religion has significance within our lives, yet we are experiencing an inner discomfort with the trend to look to legality and political power, rather than love – that which lies at the essence of our religion – for living out our beliefs… then we can work to move our faith towards being a love organized faith… seeking to bring love, that which makes all things possible, into our processes.

     + If we are drawn to science, the problem solving powers of disciplined reasoning; yet disturbed by the not uncommon pattern present within its history… that being the creating of more complex, more hazardous consequences emerging from the initial solution (herbicide usage to increase yields in farming, for example)… then we can turn towards intentional ethics, having  life organized ethicality – that which is right for the one, good for the whole; right for the whole of life, good for humankind – as that which leads our scientific processes… our pursuits, our ways of working.

Love… When it comes to love, love entering our processes, we have come to see Christ as the exemplar.  Thus, seeking to see and understand the here and unfolding now philosophical relevance of his teaching and his process.  For example:

Love God… the Father, the Creator of life, of all… Join in the intended enfolding unfolding eternalizing of life work of the Father/Creator.

Love thy neighbor… Seek to develop within ourselves, within our communities, that which enables us, when we look at someone, to not see other, but rather see sister, brother.

Love one another as I have loved you… Love all-inclusively… Be and become a vessel for the all-inclusive love of the Source to enter into our processes, into the life processes of the earth. Work to create cultures that work for all children in the world.

Love thy enemy… Through reflection and dialogue, we have come to see that life, earthly life, its ways and processes; has, in reality, been a common enemy of reason-led cultures. Reason-led cultures being cultures void of wisdom, the wisdom of intent leading their processes, have, through millennia, treated earthly life, its ways and processes, as an enemy to be subdued and extracted from. Thus we can love thy enemy by creating virtue sourced, essence based, ethically working value adding processes… processes that bring vitality to the life processes of earth, and work in advancing humanness ways.

And through this seeking and working, move ourselves, our communities, towards being authentic, becoming an intentional people of earth.

Terry P. Anderson