It’s Not Working

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It’s Not Working… Our Culture is Not Working

Good morning Sandra, 

Visitors, get-togethers and existence related matters have pretty much filled our days.  Not much time for reflective processing.  However, throughout this activity, a common agreed upon thought, regardless of one’s orientation, ideology, religion, etc.,  has been the introduction of the notion of “It is not working” into the conversations…  

Our ways … our patterns, pursuits, processes, are not working… not advancing humanness, not reciprocally nourishing life, not creating a world that works for all children.

(This is more of an observation/experiment as to the receptivity of the notion… not a reflectively processed understanding in terms of a path forward… but rather that which may be useful for further processing… phonaloguing.)

Some reflecting on the notion of working, especially in regard to the “Community Developmental Process of Experiencing taking the Work into a Non-Working Culture” is bringing forth some added seeing.  

Seeing the original beatitudic statements of Christ as being ageless.  

Ageless in that they capture the essence of the inner experience, that can/needs to be expressed in terms relevant to the particular work of the particular now.   Such as we have seen in the Community Developmental Process, seeing it is not only as a process map, but a path of development that the work requires, and that which can reflectively confirm our being in the process, on the path. For example, at this particular now, reflecting on 

“Embracing one Source: we are not the source.  Experiencing in heart and mind the reality facing life and the children

+ Without this orientation, there is no seriousness with regard to path; no willfulness…. 

+ No path taking, no taking up the work… no real opportunity for the compassion of equality to be manifested… no entry point for the all-inclusive love of the Source – that which creates and sustains wholeness; the wholeness necessary for systemic working, which in turn sustains the potential realizing capacity of the process.  

+ This is the Thy Will orientation… that which in reality creates within, the ableness to enter through the narrow gate… that which is the entry point to intentionality, the path of original, yet to be realized, intent… the authentic, purposeful yes of why we are here.  

+ Whereas, there has commonly been much thought and processing that precedes this, this is the beginning of the now process, the entry onto the path.  The orientation that then makes possible the transcending of attachments.  And so forth.  

Which lifts up the cyclical, yet sequential, nature of the process… each sequential cycle developing increasing ableness for ongoing upward cycles of work.  Never really achieving perfection, completeness; but rather a continuous process of perfecting the work for which we were/are sent.  A cyclical, sequential process, not only for each and all individually; but one that, at this time – this age – requires community… community being the smallest whole.  

All for now, Terry