The Community Developmental Process at this Time of Now

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The Community Developmental Process at this Time of Now

… the community process of experiencing taking the work of now, into a non-working culture.  The intentional inner and outer experiencing of saying “Yes” at times such as these today… a time when “the way we do things” is not working.  Community being two or more ongoingly gathering in the name of all-inclusive love… holding an aim of joining the intended everlasting life on earth work of the one Source of the all.  Thus, the need for Yessing the work of now.  Creating cultures that work for all children, creating virtue sourced essence base, good and right working value adding processes.

Blessed are communities…

Poor in Spirit Embracing one Source; we are not the source. Experiencing in heart and mind, the reality facing life and the children.

Mourning Transcending attachments to manmade structures and structuring. Opening heart and mind to come from above truths/seeing.

Humble Seeing ourselves as a member in the larger community of life… not separate from, not above, but woven within the web of life. One Source, all else equal.

Hungering and Thirsting for Virtuousness Acquiring a life of the whole perspective. Seeing and understanding intended ways of life and love. Experiencing freedom in and through giving voice to intuition of wholeness and courage to come-from-above wisdom of intent.

Merciful Living come from above virtue, sourced in the all-inclusive love of the one Source, manifested as compassion of equality. +Encompassing the whole of life. +Reflecting hearing the cry of Mother Earth, and of the children, “Stop the war of for and against!”

Pure in Heart Experiencing the other as brother… as sister.

Peacemakers Joining in issue reconciling work of community… experiencing community is the smallest whole. Developing ableness to create virtue sourced value adding processes… essential to creating work for all children cultures

Persecuted for Virtuousness Ongoingly intentionally creating virtue sourced potential realizing ethically – good and right – working value adding processes.

Reproached, Persecuted because of Me – the I AM Process Manifesting our authenticity, realizing our potential in life sustaining ways… joining in the eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Source


Blessed are the walking forth…

Poor in spirit, because of them is the kingdom

Mourning, for they shall be comforted

Humble, for they shall inherit the earth

Hungering and thirsting for virtuousness, for they shall be filled with intent

Merciful, for they shall receive mercy

Pure in heart for they shall see God

Peacemakers, for they shall be called sons and daughters of God

Persecuted for virtuousness, for of them is the kingdom

Reproached, persecuted because of Me – the “I AM” process, for their reward great in heaven