Reflections on Gospel Truths present within the Living Philosophy of Potential

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Reflections on Gospel Truths present within the Living Philosophy of Potential

There is a Source… an intentionality, a will force behind the whole of all… out from which emerges a creative force… that which is behind the unfolding creation.

Wisdom is present to creation… understands the intended ways of working of life and love – that which brings wholeness, wholistic organizing, to the unfolding processes of life, such that systems essential to the potential unfolding can be created and intentionally working within and through life.

We, humankind, access wisdom through the intuition of wholeness – that which seeks and sees process.  We are not the source of truth, love, life or good… but rather, intended vessels and instruments. It is through the intuition of wholeness that we come to see and understand the truths, the Gospel truths essential to the here and unfolding now… that which is seeking to emerge, to unfold at this time… this time of potential.  The Gospel truths essential to the intended ways of working of life and love, that which is to be created, that which is to be joined in. It is the way of Intent that the essence of the truths of the previous are enfolded into the intended unfolding, emerging as more whole, more complete manifestations of truth – of the unfolding intentionality…

At the beginning of a cycle of work – at the end of time, is the beginning of potential– we look to process to develop the understanding and willful ableness to be and become that which is called for.  (The intuition of wholeness seeks and sees process; the reasoning mind of existence needs structure to have meaning.)  At this time, it is necessary to see all as process: life, love, God, Christ, Spirit… not as structures, anthropomorphic – that which emerges from a human centered perspective – structures as in the God of Abraham, or as Christ the person, but rather as process… coming from a life of the whole perspective.  So too is the need for love and life to be seen as process, not as structures, reasoned interpretation of structures. Remembering that we are not the source, but through two or more processing, we can access, and understand, the wisdom of intent – the Gospel truths we will/have been given.  We come to see the Gospel of John, for example, not as that which comes from John, but rather as a manifestation of intentional wisdom of the time. And too, remembering the way of intent, the pattern of truth, the Gospel of John has within, an essence that is to be enfolded into the intended unfolding of now.  We, Sandra and Terry, like John, have been given Gospel truths – that which emerges from the wisdom of intent – with regard to life and love… the life and love that emerge from the process of the Intentional Source.  Gospel truths that we are to bring into community – go into community and create virtue sourced value adding processes and cultures that work for all my children in the world.  Cultures that inherently work for the whole of life as we live and work in harmony with the intended ways of working of life on this earth; and be and become vessels for the wholeness creating love of the Source.  Cultures that both reflect and manifest our authenticity, and our intentionality… the essence, the why of our being created.

Terry P. Anderson

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