Reflecting on the Role and Work of Partnering in the Work of Now

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Reflecting on the Role & Work of Partnering in the Work of Now

Recent dialoguing of

The philosophical relevance of Christ in the here and unfolding work of now, the work of creating cultures that work for all children in the world, cultures that ongoingly create processes that add value to life… always remembering, what works for all children works for the living earth and what works for the living earth works for all children,

has led to reflecting on the role of partnering in the work of now…

(JN15:8) In this is glorified the Father of Me, that much fruit you will bear, and you will be disciples to Me. At this time of now, such discipling calls for two or more gathering – partnering with love in the process… the way of accessing the come from above seeing of intended ways of the life and love emanating from the Source of the all.  Now is the time of Spirit entering with our seeing of potential (life and love) embedded within – the essence intentionally embedded within the Word and the Works.

(JN15:1-2) I am the vine… you are the branches.  At this time of now, being a branch is a community partnering – a two or more ongoingly gathering – process for seeking, embracing and yessing come from above ways of living and working… humanness advancing, life nourishing ways… a branch with the ableness to bear fruit (everlasting life on this earth) that lasts, that joins in, yesses the everlasting life on the earth intent of the Father.  The Father seeks such branches.

Partnering now being essential to being authentic, becoming intentional.  One Vine… Christ, the way, the truth and the lifeprocess pattern for the intended work of humankind within the life processes of earth. Each branch being two or more gathering in the name of Christ: all-inclusive love in the process, seeing intent and intended ways, yessing the Father’s everlasting life on the earth command.

As partners, in partnering, we – a branch – develop the ableness to bear fruit that matters, that is intended. Fruitless branches are taken away.  Fruit bearing branches will be ongoingly pruned by the Vinedresser for greater fruit bearing (to the one who has more, more will be given).

All fruit bearing branches have wisdom of intended ways of working of life and love leading their thinking.  They, in the process pattern of Christ, are work-organized.  The living philosophy of potential orders and organizes heart and mind open to seeing come from above intended ways of life and love, making visible a work-organized way of manifesting and realizing the potential embedded in each, all and everything by the one Source… the intended way of love and life… of our – humankind – becoming authentic and intentional. 

Going into community – becoming branches – leading the creation of value adding processes… always begins with love in the process, and being so, is virtue sourced, enabling accessing the intuitive process of wisdom of wholeness… initiated through two or more gathering (partnering) with all-inclusive love in the process and with the intent of working for all children in the world… gathering for dialogue – intentional dialoguing – seeing intended ways of working of life and love, hearing the going forward at this time intent of the Father, the Source of the all.  Making possible our speaking for earth, for the life processes of earth, in all that we do… the way of fulfilling the Father’s everlasting life on the earth command… the eternal command… the why of our – humankind – coming to earth: vesselness for love entering the life processes of earth… the love that creates oneness with the ableness to create wholeness.  In the absence of come from above truth, we – who were/are intentionally created with free will choice – are unable to see and answer yes to intended ways of working of life and love on this earth at this time.

We have been given images of the inner work before us (as persons, as communities): find out who you are and doing your work in the world, build soul, manifest spirit and experience life… and as a people, the people of this land, America, Life, liberty and pursuit of dignity…that is what America is for, a place for that…

And as members of humankind on this earth at this time, we have been given come from above shifts… “That was then; this is now” shifts:

+ In the name of the Father and of the Son… that was then…and the Holy Spirit… this is now. Now is the time of potential, the time for Spirit entering. The end of time is the beginning of potential.

+ From salvation – that was then– to becoming – this is now: fromLet he among you who is without sin cast the first stoneto If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.

These shifts being advancements in our – humankind’s – ableness for the work of fulfilling our intended significance, the essence of the “then” being a developmental foundation for the “now.”  Without confronting/purging our judgmentalness, the crust of ego blocks love from entering our process. Without salvation, humankind would not believe there is a heaven, one Source of the all… a world above the world of existence… belief essential to our having faith in coming from above, in Spirit entering with come from above truth… faith in come from above intent. 

Sandra Maslow Smith

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