Shifting our Aim: from Doing No Harm… to Being in Harmony With

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Shifting our Aim: from Doing No Harm… to Being in Harmony With

Life is wholistic in its way of organizing. Systemic in its way of working.  And seeks to sustain the potential realizing capacity of its processes…

Our bodies are a wholistic, systemically working manifestation of life.  So too are the life energy fields of earth… wholistically organized, systemic manifestations of life.   Be it the ocean, the prairie, the forest, the desert…

We cannot get to the seeing and understanding necessary for “being in harmony with” through the reductionist reasoning mind of existence.  For that, we turn to accessing and developing the intuitive mind of wholeness. The mind that not only enables our seeing and understanding of the whole and the systemic working within, but also the potential realizing capacity of a particular process… a mind not so much present within the one; but rather created through intentional reflective processing. And when such seeing and understanding is leading our thinking, we can realize the creative, problem solving potential inherently present within the reasoning mind of existence.  Realize its potential in ways that enable the shifting and realizing of our aim from “doing no harm” to “being in harmony with.”

Terry P Anderson

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