A Time of Realization

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A Time of Realization

Life is a continuous upward enfolding, unfolding evolving eternalizing process.  An intentionally led process, having within its ongoingness, cyclical patterns of actualization and realization… patterns of realizing the potential present within the systems and structures that have been brought into existence.

From time to time a new cycle of work emerges, a cycle of potential realizing work that calls upon, requires of us – humankind – a shift, an upward evolutionary shift, in beingness and ableness.  A shift in our inner processing, and in that which we seek to create, to bring into existence.   A work organized shift in our processing, that reflects the ongoing intent for our being authentically human, the intent for our becoming an intentional people of earth.

Now is such a time.  A time of realization within the whole of life that calls for a shift in our beingness that more truly reflects the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness.  And a shift in our ableness such that what we create, bring into existence, is a more authentic manifestation of the potential inherently, intentionally present within each and all.  A shift in beingness and ableness that reflects both the intent for, and enables our joining in, the eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Source.  A time of realization of potential that is now possible through the accessible presence of all-inclusive love.

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