The I AM Process

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Seeing the Philosophical Relevance of Christ is the Here and Unfolding Now

The I AM Process

I AM… For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (MT18:20) 

AUTHENTICITY… Seeking to be authentic in Christ, we can expect to experience the beatitudes (MT5:3-12).  Useful to see the beatitudes as not so much a linear list, but rather a cyclical process… and a process of upward unfolding of cycles, as opposed to an event.  Being authentic in Christ is not so much winning the argument as it is having love present in the process… in particular, all-inclusive love – the essence of the Christ process.  If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcomes.

VISIONThe Father’s command is everlasting life (JN12:50)... as in heaven, so also on the earth (MT6:9-13).  Awakening ourselves to original intent… to the intended ways of working of love and life on this earth.  Embracing the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness.  Living and working in advancing humanness life nourishing ways.  Creating virtue sourced, essence based, ethically – right and good – working, value adding processes – process that add value to life.  Thy will being done on this earth (MT6:10) at this time. 

CHANGE…  Shifting/changing to thinking the things of God, not the things of men (MT16:23).  Thinking the things of God: Good for the whole, right for the one. Good for the whole of life, right for humankind; good for the whole of humanity, right for the one; good for the community, right for the one… working ethically – in right and good ways.   Reciprocally nourishing processes, e.g., bee pollinating the flower, obtaining nectar for the hive’s wellbeing, flower sustaining its process, reciprocally nourishing other creatures, and life processes… sustaining the meadow, the field.  

Thinking not the things of man, humankind: human centered (vs. life of the whole centered)… such things as economics, work ethic, stock market, etc.  

Thinking the things of God, we enable our having faith in intent, intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  Faith in intent such that if we live and work in intended ways we can earn our keep, have meaningful and productive lives.  Ultimately advancing from work ethic, to working ethically – working in right and good ways, advancing humanness, nourishing life ways.

IDEALS… Ideals, images of the ideal… looking to the gospel, the teachings of Christ. Seeking to understand and embrace the four “Thou Shalls” – the two that Christ lifted up, Love God and Love thy neighbor, and the two Christ added, Love one another as I have loved you; and Love thy enemy… the four “Thou Shalls” emerging as all-inclusive love… Love all-inclusively.

All of which calls for COMING FROM ABOVE as intended… see “The Story of Now”