Who are We… Why are We

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Who are We … Why are We


         Who do they say I am…

         Who do you say I am….

    I am: I am the way the truth the life

    Why am I:  I came to perfect the work for which I was sent


         Who do they say we are…

         Who do we – through the perspectives we hold, our patterns of thought and behavior, our pursuits – say we are

    We are: living human spiritual beings

    Why are we: We, as living human spiritual beings, are intended to be instruments for nourishing life, and to be and become vessels for love – the all-inclusive love of the Source – entering into the working of the world… entering into the life processes of earth.  And, as such, intended to join in the eternalizing of life on and through the earth work of the Father… the Creator… the intentionality behind the whole of all.

Terry P. Anderson

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