Worshiping in Spirit and Truth

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The Work of Now Calls for Worshiping in Spirit and Truth

We, humankind, are intended to ongoingly worship the Father in spirit and truth.  The Father, the Source, the Creator of the all seeks such worshiping.

The ‘Father’s house’ is the living earth, a place of and for life, love and truth entering; not a place of merchandising, but a place for worshiping… worshiping the Father by our – humankind – being vessels for love entering life, and becoming instruments in the Father’s eternalizing life on and through the earth work… being authentic living human spiritual beings, and becoming intentional life nourishing people of earth. All of which calls for our having faith in intent – opening our hearts and minds to the Spirit ongoingly entering with come from above truth of intended ways of working of life and love.

To worship in spirit and truth, is an ongoing community process, the two or more gathering “I AM” process actualized by Christ…  the intended way of worshiping the Father in spirit and truth. We – humankind – are intended to realize the process Christ actualized. Now is the time.

This is my beloved Son… Listen to him:

I am the way and the truth and the life.  

Follow me!


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