The Work of Now Calls for a Work Organized Mind

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The Work of Now calls for a Work Organized Mind

Realizing potential, making life real, whole, fruitful and wise, calls for a work organized mind… thus, is a process that brings heart into the work, but begins with the work.  We need to develop a work organized mind in the pattern of Christ.  This image showed up while processing… an image of Christ expressing the notion of “ I came to save the house of Israel,” and his mother, Mary, responding with “Work for all my children in the world.”

And so, the initial process, the ongoing process, seeks to develop a work organized mind, and an eye that can readily see work in process… intuitively, we see what is not working, and through understanding, develop ableness to see what working looks like.  Intuitively we can readily see, know what is not working.  It is common to see what is not working before we have developed the understanding, the seeing, to image what working would look like, and create process manifestations of right and good working. For example:     

    Our faith is not working when it turns us towards seeking power, political power, rather than enabling love… love, all-inclusive love, entering through us into our ways of living and working.
    Our governing process is not working when it is being led by political ideologies that lack the wholeness of thought required for the work of now… which is further diminished by the absence of ethical willfulness.

Given this confirming seeing, we can gain confidence in the necessity for the shift. Which calls for us to understand how we work, experiencing and validating that. 

How we work:  The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from, and ultimately what we create, what we bring into the world.

As we turn away from problem solving and towards a work organized intentional process, we can begin, through intuitive dialoguing, to develop receptivity and willfulness towards the work… more and more willfully as we see the lack of hope – for life, for the children – in current processes; and begin to develop seeing and understanding of the here and unfolding now potential present within a work organized, intentional process.

“Work for all my children in the world” is a work organized process that requires the development of a work organized mind… not unlike the bees create when those who have discovered the clover field return to the hive… thus, intentional dialoguing is in and of itself work organized… work has to be present in the room, in the processing.

The work of now emerges from the intentional, intended, unfolding of now… this is the way of the Spirit entering our processing… the process of accessing the wisdom of intent the work of now calls for… the central organizing phenomena.

And finally, remembering that it is the work of philosophy to organize mind and heart for the work … the work of now… for which the work organized living philosophy of potential is developed/ongoingly being developing.

Terry P. Anderson

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