Oneness and Wholeness… Realizing the Potential Christ makes Possible

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Oneness and Wholeness… Realizing the Potential Christ makes Possible

A Come from Above… Coming from Potential Perspective

Seeing the living philosophy of potential as a process for enabling our realizing of the potential Christ makes possible through completing his work on this earth… in particular, his embedding within, making accessible to each and all, all-inclusive love entering through us into the working of the world.

The potential Christ makes possible to be realized now is Oneness and Wholeness. Oneness with the Source. Wholeness within ourselves, our communities – our living communities – as a people of life, a living people of earth. Oneness and Wholeness within the living earth, within the whole of creation.

All-inclusive love is both necessary for, and enabling of, our transcending the limitations of obedience – obedience being that which enables connectivity and right orientation (as in, “There is a Source, we are not the Source”), but is insufficient for our joining the eternalizing of life work of the Father/Creator… perfecting our work. Joining in the eternalizing of life on and through the earth is a process that calls for free will conscious conscientious choice… a whole heart and mind choice, not unlike the choice process of Mary, of Christ.  One of resisting the temptations of existence, one requiring a coming from above – coming from potential – perspective… thinking not as man thinks – from existence – but rather in the come from above pattern that Christ made visible, makes possible through our embracing the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness… realizing the potential of that which is present within the intentionality of our authenticity, our being and becoming an intentional people of earth… of life.  A people of and from the way, the truth, the life.

Loving thy enemy is the process whereby, our (as community) having transcended the limitations of obedience, we move towards oneness – a unity with Source – with the whole of Creation… unity, oneness within the whole of Creation.  A process of seeing that which we see as enemy, is in truth of and from the same Source… one Source of each all and everything.  Thus transcending the blindness that ego imposes upon our processes.

All of which calls for the inner organizing of our hearts and minds, the forming of community – transcending the limitations of individuality by creating that which is necessary for realizing the potential – manifesting the essence pattern of potential – present within each and all; and the intentional purpose of humanity’s creation, the essential why of our being present on this living earth:  the manifestation of our intended significance within the upward enfolding unfolding evolving eternalizing of life on and through the earth.  The inner organizing of heart and mind, the preparation of our instrumentality for life, and our vesselness for love entering through us into the working of the world, is the work of philosophy… a living, come from above, here and unfolding now, work organized living philosophy.  A process, a living, non-dogmatic, philosophy that enables the inner organizing of heart and mind such that we can exercise free will conscious conscientious choice, authentically say yes, and truly join in the work.  The reconciling of issues work, the work of creating come from above virtue sourced, essence based ethically working value adding processes… all of which – like all of life’s processes – require particular natures of systems, systemic working, to sustain their potential realizing capacity… which for humankind, for the life of the whole at this time calls for our creating cultures that work for all my children on this earth.

Terry P Anderson