Seeing Science as a Trust Building Process for our Being Authentic and Becoming Intentional

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Seeing Science as a Trust Building Process for our Being Authentic and Becoming Intentional

 A come from potential… come from above perspective

Reflecting on the issues facing humankind and life on this earth from a perspective of potential has brought forth some realizing of potential seeing… seeing grounded in, emerging from, essential truths:

The perspective we hold, where we start our thinking from, determines the path we take, what we move towards, what we move away from; and ultimately what we create… bring into existence.

There is a Source, an intentionality, a will force behind the whole of all.  An intentionality out from which emerges life and love… and intended ways of working of each.

An intentionality out from which emerges earth as a place for life to enter into the working of the universe.

We, as living human spiritual beings, enter into the purpose and process of earth through life… emerging from life, and through our being inseparably woven within life, the life processes of earth.

Love is the name we give to that which creates and sustains wholeness… wholeness within life, within ourselves.  Wholeness being essential to the ongoingness of life giving, life sustaining processes, and to the ongoing working of systems and processes within life, within ourselves.

We, like all of life’s creatures have work and role with regard to the ongoingness, the developing, the evolving, the eternalizing of life on and through this earth.

Work and role that requires we see, understand and embrace – live from, live out – the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth… And do so in a way that we embrace the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness; embrace and manifest this truth in ways that reflect and enable our being authentic, and our becoming intentional… manifesting authenticity and intentionality through living and working in intentional ways.

Reflecting then, on the intended ways of working of life, and science’s instrumentality – work and role – within an intentional context…

Life is a dynamic, dramatic process… an upward enfolding, unfolding, evolving eternalizing process… that is continuously seeking to sustain its vitality and ongoingly develop its viability through maximizing possibilities and realizing the potential of each and all.

Life organizes itself wholistically… wholes within wholes… increasingly larger wholes.

Life is systemic in its way of working… creating the systems, systemic working necessary to sustain the potential realizing capacity in particular processes.

Realizing potential occurs, is brought about, within and through processes… cyclical process within which potential is realized through reciprocally nourishing structures and structuring at the interfaces… individualized, systemic, wholistic interfaces.

We can develop some imagery, see the reciprocally nourishing  structures and structuring at the interfaces through reflective, intuitive processing. For example, reflecting on, while holding in mind the wholistic ways and systemic working present within, the process of pollination.  More specifically, reflecting on a hive of bees preparing for and engaging in the pollinating process… paying particular attention to the reciprocally nourishing structures and structuring that is occurring between the bee and the flower… seeing not only the particular, but also the nourishing effect on the related systems and wholes involved.  Another useful example is to reflectively process the seeing and understanding that is emerging from the mycelium work.  Seeing how the disciplined process of science is making visible systemic working, and reciprocally nourishing processes in ways not previously seen or understood.  Revelations that not only reflect the realizable potential in science, but shift significantly previous premises and understanding. 

All of which leads us to seeing science as a trust building process for our being authentic, and becoming an intentional people of earth.  A process which begins with our having faith in intent… more specifically putting our faith in intent… intended ways of working of life and love on this earth.  Faith and trust are complementary partners… developmentally complementary.  That is, each sustains and develops the other. Thus, whereas we can image and experience the potential realization and hope present within our understanding of intentionality, and through that, seek to put our faith in intent; it is through trust – the experientially predictable and validate-able seeing and experiencing of work and results – that our faith in intent is sustained and strengthened.  It is this relatedness of faith and trust, and the making visible of intended ways of working pattern of science, that brings to light the seeing of and becoming of science as a trust building process for our being authentic and becoming an intentional people of earth.

Love thy enemy… Reflecting on what has been written, has evoked some thoughts on Love thy enemy… its way of working, its necessity… that which makes it possible.

My reflections took me to Man’s history, in particular technical man and his attitude/orientation to that which we have called nature.  His not uncommon seeing of nature, the manifestations of nature, as that which needed to be conquered, that which must surrender to man’s desires, be willfully molded and shaped according to our needs, wishes and desires.  Wishes and desires that commonly emerged from a problem solving perspective… problems we had, problematic interference from natural processes, systems and structures. And then, the seeing of the influence, the effect, of shifting one’s perspective to a come from potential – come from above – perspective.  And now seeing the possibility to love one’s enemy… to do so by making visible the intended ways of working of life on this earth, thus enabling our embracing the wholeness of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness, making possible our being authentic, becoming an intentional people of earth.  Sustaining the through time realizing of our significance, through the essence of the scientific process – making visible the beauty and wisdom present within intended ways, and developing our ableness to willfully live and work in harmonious accord with that… enabling the intended ways of working of life and love on this earth through the manifesting of the whole of the truth of our intentionality… our essential reason, purpose for being created.

Terry P Anderson