Essence; Will Force, our Willfulness

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Essence; Will Force, our Willfulness

Lacking ethical willfulness… our culture lacks the will to come from and live out the right and good.

To become ethical, we look to wisdom… seeking the understanding of intended ways.

For willfulness, we look to love… the love that calls us to see and reach out beyond ourselves… as in Love thy neighbor… Love one another all-inclusively.

Emerging out of this ethical willfulness seeing, in particular our looking to love to develop willfulness, has brought forth some added seeing… 

Seeing that comes about as I have been drawn to “The coming of the kingdom.”   A seeing that has not coalesced in a particular statement, but feels like it should at least be captured…

Thy Kingdom Come… Thy Will Be Done… On earth as It is in heaven…

“As above… so below”

Coming from above… living from and living out intentional truths.

The essence of the Will Force, as well as the essence of our willfulness is love… all-inclusive love of the Source entering…  the process of “As above, so below,” the coming of the Kingdom, is actualized through an act of faith… our having faith in intent – putting our faith in intent.  An act of faith… opening ourselves, as community, to love – to the all-inclusive love of the Source – entering into and through us… the love that frees us up to be and become willful – frees us from self-serving desires – thus, open to Thy Will being done on this earth… and, through ethical willfulness, bringing about the realizing of the potential in “As above, so below” ways of living and working.

Terry P. Anderson

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