Coming from Potential… a Coming from Above Process

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Coming from Potential… a Coming from Above Process

As Above, So Below

Coming from potential is a come from above intentionally led process… an intentionally led community – two or more gathering – process requiring of us the taking on of a life of the whole perspective… the particular perspective required to embrace – live from, live out – the whole of the truth of our living human spiritual beingness…  an intentionally led process that, like all of life’s processes, requires systems – systemic working – to sustain its potential realizing capacity.

The particular systems required to sustain the realization of the potential present within our living human spiritual beingness are cultures that work for all children in the world…. cultures – living human created systems – that seek to enable the realization of the potential present within each and all.  Cultures, living authentic cultures, that like all of life’s systems, are work organized… have particular work and shared intentional purposes that serve the larger whole (wholes) within which life operates.  Wholes which themselves are created and sustained through love… all-inclusive love entering the process.  At this time, love that is manifested through the compassion of equality.  Compassion of equality being the particular manifestation of love that emerges, emanates, from the truth of our oneness.  The truth of one Source, all else equal… a hierarchy of one. The truth of our not being the source, but rather creatures of life… not separate from life, but rather intentionally, inseparably, being woven within life.  And like all of life’s creatures, having particular work and role with regard to the ongoingness, eternalizing of life on and through the earth. Earth itself being created for life to have a place to enter into the working of the universe.

At the essence of our particular work and role, is love… our being and becoming vessels for love entering into the life processes of earth.  Our being vessels for that which we are not the source of, but necessary vessels for that which brings wholeness to life, wholeness to ourselves.

A vesselness that itself is formed through free will conscious conscientious choice… our exercising of that which seems to be a uniquely human capacity.  Consciously exercising free will through our developing an understanding of the intended ways of working of life, and of ourselves… conscientiously managing ourselves through ensuring that our pursuits and actions reflect ethical – right and good – ways; and are truly manifestations of love – the compassion of equality – that the work of now, the work for all children in the world, calls for. 

We can, with intentional orientation, and reflective processing, develop our ableness to seek the wisdom of intent, to see and understand intentional ways of working of life, and ourselves… we can access and acquire the wisdom and understanding that ultimately makes possible the intentional wisdom led reasoning necessary for our ways to be in harmony with, enabling of, the intended ways of working of life.  However, with regard to love, we look to a particular source for developing our ableness… ableness essential to exercising free will conscious conscientious choice… ableness essential to our being and becoming authentically human.

With regard to love, our vesselness for love entering the process, we look to the teachings and process of Christ.  Whereas there are those who have accessed and manifested love, we have come to see Christ as the through time exemplar… both in teachings and in process.  And within his teachings and process, we have come to see and understand the developmental potential present within the Thou Shalls… the potential to develop our ableness, as a community, for loving the Source, loving our neighbor, loving one another all-inclusively – as I have loved you -, and loving our enemy.  Seeing within each, the potential to move towards increasing wholeness… encompassing wholeness that is actively present within and from the Source. Wholeness that is essentially present within our potential as living human spiritual beings… present but not yet realized. 

Reflecting on the potential realizing path of coming from above, we can readily see and experience hope… the depth and realness of hope present within an intentionally led process.  Hope for humankind, hope for the whole of life, the ongoingness of life. And emerging from this imagery is a question… a critical, perhaps the most critical question of now, “What do we put our faith in?”

Reflecting further we come to see: It is one thing to have faith… yet quite another to put our faith in intent.

Terry P. Anderson