Become Authentic

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Become Authentic

“For this I was born, for this I have come into the world, that I might witness to the truth; everyone being of the truth hears the voice of me.”  (Jn 18:37)

Each of us have that for which we have been born, have come into the world, a particular virtue we are to bring into our processes… “that we might …”  The words, “That we might,” make visible this being a choice, work to see and take on, not automatic, but that which requires a lifetime of conscientious consciousness… ongoing reflecting, seeing and choosing.

And, we as well, are called to witness to the truth – the truth of one Source, the one Source of life, love and truth.  And, for each of us living on this earth at a particular time in the life of humanity and living earth… we have a particular truth we are intended to manifest, make present, on this earth at this time.  To witness to the truth is to manifest the truth, to create the living presence of the truth in the here and unfolding now… always with all-inclusive love in our process.

And, as Christ tells us, everyone being of the truth hears his voice… Why?  When we are of the truth, we are able to hear truth. In contrast, when we are ruled (heart and mind) with existence, we are deaf (and blind) to truth… and hang onto existence-based “proof” and fact-ism… ultimately hazard turning into divisiveness. For proof and facts, by their way of having been manmade without coming from above, are partial. Only from above truth is whole and makes possible our manifesting truth… becoming the living presence of truth.

Christ was born, came into the world to become the living presence of come from above truth… the truth of authentic humanness, of human vesselness for love entering life.  We – humankind – being intended vessels for love entering life, are essential to the everlasting life of living earth (the Father’s command). For the ongoing creation calls for wholeness, and love entering life makes life whole.

Reflect on his miracles.  They called for (was he not always seeking to see the presence of?) faith in the truth and accessibility of coming from above; and the desire to become whole.  With the presence of faith in intent (come from above), the will to become whole and make life whole, and love present in the process – these three – the miracle became possible. As it also becomes possible for us, when we have faith in come from above intent, access the will to make life whole, all with love present in our process.

Now, perhaps more than any other time in the history of humankind, we are being called to become vessels for love entering life… we who are living in this American culture… called to have faith in the come from above truth of one Source; we are not the source… and to become instruments in making life whole.

America, intentionally, not accidentally created to become a “melting pot” of people of all races, religions, economics, etc., built on philosophy not history, built with the understanding “a house divided will not stand” – calling for “one Source… we are not the source.” A land, a people intended to “work for all my children in the world” … a land intended to manifest the most refined of love – compassion of equality.  Meaning a land, a people, who work not only for ourselves (our own hive, our own honey), but a people who take up, ongoingly “yes” our vesselness for love work (our “pollinating” work) – “on this earth at this time”… remembering our prayer to the Father (our common Father) repeated daily by millions.

Calling for our seeing, truly realizing, that the pattern of divisiveness has become increasingly embedded within our culture…. becoming an evil that interferes with truth – wisdom – entering our minds, and love – compassion of equality – entering our hearts.   Without which, we the people, placed here intentionally (this being intuitively realizable, experientially validate-able), to work for all children in the world, are turning into a people so self-centered that we are “settling” disagreements with hate and violence… and making decisions about the present with no mind for the hopeful future of our own children, let alone all children. 

Reflective processing, prayerful questioning, intentional dialoguing, with all-inclusive love present in our process, now being called for – to develop the ongoing ableness to transcend ego – the cultural ego of divisiveness – and open ourselves to love, to the compassion of equality.

Earth and her children are crying out… “Become who you are intended to become!”

Sandra Maslow Smith

The divisive character of our cultural patterns brings into our processes

 an evilness that is not inherently, intentionally present within us… 

thus, not a reflection of who we truly are, nor who we are intended to be.  

Not a reflection of our intended living human spiritual beingness.

Terry P. Anderson