Manifesting Calling: Adding Value

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Manifesting Calling: Adding Value

Seeing MT25:14-30 from the perspective of Thy Will being done on this earth in the here and unfolding now

We – each and all – have a gift, an essence virtue enfolded within, intended to be unfolding/manifested on this earth at this time. We – each and all – are here to add value; by and through the world of our making; add value to humanity becoming authentically human and the living earth becoming everlasting – by and through advancing humanness and nourishing life… adding value to humanness, to living earth.

Each is given these “talents” … talents intended for advancing humanness and nourishing life… for being manifested on this earth at this time by and through living our calling while yessing the called work of humanity at this time:

+ “Work for all my children in the world”… living from compassion of equality and nourishing everlasting life.

+ Always remembering, if love is not present in the process – in our processes – love will not be present in the outcomes.

“For to everyone who has, more will be given and will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what this one is having will be taken away.” (ref. MT25:14-30)

The more we work to manifest our essence virtue while living and working in ways that work for all children in the world, the more we will be given the seeing of intent and intended ways of life and of love… we will grow rich in seeing and understanding, leading to increasingly inclusive love entering life and life nourishing… evermore oneness of humanity and wholeness of living earth.

Ones not seeing, not manifesting the virtue/essence/potential embedded within… these gifts will grow dimmer… and be taken away… the inner light going out, so to speak… lost in darkness.

All for now, Sandra

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