Prayerful Questioning

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Prayerful Questioning

“Lord, please let me see________”!

…An amazing prayer, really. For without eyes that can “see,” we are truly lost.

Prayerfully questioning for eyes that can see… can see the truth of one Source of each, all and everything; the truth of our, each and all, being children – brothers and sisters – of the one and same Source…

See our significance, the significance of humanity and significance of each member of humanity.

Come from above seeing of intent and intended ways of working of life and love emanating from the one Source.

Seeing our particular essence embedded within, intentionally embedded; intended to be manifested by and through our yessing the called work of now: Work for all my children in the world.

All for now, Sandra

A Further Reflection…

“Lord, please let me see_________!”

A prayer for seeing intent and intended ways of working of life and love emanating from the one Source of each, all and everything.

A prayer for seeing the essence – the essence pattern embedded within, the potential, the gift – enfolded, intended to be unfolded into life on this earth at this time.

Without such seeing, we are blind to intentionality. With such seeing, we become able to answer yes, to ongoingly answer yes to intent of the Source… we become able to walk forth in the beatitudic way of Christ… Christ being an exemplar of walking forth with eyes that can see, from-above seeing available to all; yet calling for work on our part… the work of opening our hearts and minds to coming from above.

Once again, all for now, Sandra

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