Love Entering Life

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Love Entering Life

Seeing LK19:1-10 from the perspective of Thy Will being done on this earth in the here and unfolding now

“The son of man has come to seek and to save what was lost.” (ref. LK 19:1-10)

What is lost is seeing ourselves – each and all – as living human spiritual beings; intentionally – not by chance – walking on this earth.  Human beings with intended work and role in the everlastingness of living earth… as is true of all members of life.  The bees are intended to pollinate; ants are intended to make soil; we are intended to become vessels for the all-inclusive love emanating from the Source entering life.  As long as we are not seeing this – our significance – we are lost.

Christ is the exemplar… often called the “New Adam,” for he brought to us – embedded in humankind – through his process pattern and teachings, the truth of the way of our vesselness for love entering into life… the way of oneness of humanity with the Source, taking up the work of making life whole – everlasting life.

Compassion of equality… being the particular refinement of love entering our processes now essential to our intended authentic humanness and our nourishing the everlasting livingness of this earth.

Unlike other creatures of life, we have a choice.  We can choose to extract from life, create artificial hierarchies among ourselves and over life… or choose to become authentic living human spiritual beings. Compassion of equality entering us being essential… compassion experienced by Zacchaeus when Christ, addressing him directly, publically said, “Come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”  

We are called to see this, this invitation made, this request made, as public manifestation of all-inclusive love – compassion of equality – entering life, calling for voice to from-above seeing, and courage to manifest the compassion entering.

Compassion of equality fully present in that process… between Christ and Zacchaeus.  Christ making himself equal by going to his home, publically going, initiating the going; and Zacchaeus realizing he is being seen at essence, not being seen as hierarchically less than others.

Compassion of equality entering life… essential at this time of now, when the ongoingness of humanness and living earth itself are all in great hazard. And we are love’s intended vessels.

All for now, Sandra

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