Realizing the Potential Christ Makes Possible

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Realizing the Potential Christ Makes Possible

If love is not present in the process, love will not be present in the outcome.

Our processing has taken us to what is behind what we have been given, come to understand.  That which we have, perhaps in its most simple expression, come to understand as “realizing the potential that Christ makes possible through completing his work on this earth.”  That is, his embedding in the life processes of earth, the all-inclusive love of the Source, such that it is accessible to each and all.  Accessible, but not yet embedded within humankind… not actively present within our “nature” – the common human way of living and working on this earth.  The experience of love entering through us into our processes, and through those into the working of life, the eternalizing of life on and through the earth are truly not present.  Humankind being of life, but not yet fully alive in the truth of love…   

+ not yet seeing the embedding of love within our humanness, within our ways, being the ultimate aim – the purpose, the essential why – of Christ’s coming.  

+ not yet seeing forgiveness of sins as means, necessary means, but not the aim.  

+ not yet seeing that which followed his time on earth, was a diminishment of the aim… particularly as Christian community, Christian process, looked to gain power through joining in the culture of the Greeks and Romans.  

As one’s aim shifts towards power, love – accessing, manifesting of love – diminishes…. moving us further away from the intentional aim of Christ, and the evolutionary potential present within humankind… away from developing the increased consciousness and conscientiousness that the intended unfolding of now calls for… the evolutionary capacities required for our being and becoming… for our being authentic – vessels for all-inclusive love entering, life nourishing instruments -, for our becoming an intentional people of earth.  And through that particular authentic beingness, and our becoming an intentional people of earth, we move away from sinfulness – we live out the way, the truth and the life of Christ. Those which were miracles – actions within folks and communities, that came about through the all-inclusive love of the Source entering into the process – now, as we become intentional, love entering through us into the life processes of earth becomes the common manifestation… a manifesting of our intentionality in a way that we truly join in the unfolding work of the Father, the Creator of the all.

This coming about of our being authentic, becoming intentional, is one of starting our thinking in truths, the way of truth, embracing the whole of our truth – our living human spiritual beingness-, and a reconciling process.  A process whereby the essence of the truth of the activating force, the essence of the truth of the restraining/receptive force, are enfolded within the whole of the truth of the reconciling force; emerging as more whole expressions of all.  The process we have come to know as the reconciling process of Christ.  Thus, the currently disparate, seemingly irreconcilable differences present within and between our sciences/meta physics/new physics* and our theologies/religions… can, through common start point – love entering, and embracing the whole of the truth of our intentionality – be reconciled in a becoming an intentional people of earth way.  A process that at this time requires free will conscientious conscious choice… all of which become possible with right and good seeing and understanding of intended ways of working of life and love on this earth, and seeing, understanding, and embracing the patterns and processes of the truth… which are emanating from the evolutionary force of the unfathomable Source of each, and all… the whole of all.  And in this way, the egoism that dominates each and all, begins its diminishing process… ego, the enemy within, through love, love entering, being brought into the light of truth; loses its ableness to turn us away from truth and towards self-centered pursuits.  Thus, no longer will we declare “I/we are only human”; but rather the truth of our intentionality will, through our ways, be manifested on earth… and beyond. 

hypothesis for phenomena that are implied, but never directly observed… out of the domain of sensory perception.

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